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Come and join a campaign to increase gender diversity at senior levels. Better decisions are made when women and men come together at the table.

Milena Olszewska-Miszuris, 30% Club Poland Co-Chair

About 30% Club Poland

We are a campaign group of Chairs and CEOs taking action to increase gender diversity at board and senior management levels in Poland.

Gender balance on boards and in senior management encourages better leadership and governance and contributes to better board performance, and ultimately increased corporate performance.

We aim to improve organisational culture and inclusion through the efforts of Chairs and CEOs who are committed to better gender balance at senior levels, and throughout their whole organisations.


Our aim

To achieve no all-male boards by 2025
and to increase the share of women on boards to 20% by 2025
and eventually to at least 30% by 2030.



Activate senior leaders

Engage chairs and CEOs to drive change and support organisations in their diversity & inclusion endeavours, with a specific focus on gender.



Influence those with power to drive change

Influence at a national level on diversity related topics and work complementary to other national initiatives.



Enabling future women leaders

Support the development of talent pipeline through mentoring, executive education scholarships and board-ready initiatives.

Polish women are one of the most entrepreneurial women in Europe, very aware of their contribution to GDP growth. It is high time for corporate boards in Poland to strengthen their ranks with more women leaders. Women’s representation on boards today is still low compared to the UK and the US. I am very happy that the 30% Club has decided to invest and expand its activities to Poland. I trust that, as usual, Poland will positively surprise and overdeliver.

Aleksandra Gren, 30% Club Poland Co-Chair

Poland's progress

We are measuring our progress on the 140 largest Polish companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange included in WIG20, mWIG40 and sWIG80 indices. To calculate share of women on boards we are taking management and supervisory boards combined.












We look for CEOs and Chairs to join us as Members to lend their name to the campaign to publicly support gender diversity at board levels, to sign up to our targets with the aim of delivering these, to actively assist in recruiting and spreading the word to other Chairs and CEOs, and to support initiatives to build the pipeline of women for executive and non-executive roles.

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Company Member name Job Title Chapter membership
Atende S.A. Marcin Petrykowski Chief Executive Officer Poland
Bank BPH Paweł Bandurski Chief Executive Officer Poland
BASF Polska Katarzyna Byczkowska Managing Director Poland
Benefit Systems James Van Bergh Chair of the Supervisory Board Poland
Blue Media Andrzej Antoń Chair of the Supervisory Board Poland
BNP Paribas Bank Polska Przemysław Gdański Chief Executive Officer Poland
Credit Suisse Poland Aneta Kocemba Managing Director Poland
Emitel Andrzej Kozłowski Chief Executive Officer Poland
Franklin Templeton Investments Poland Katarzyna Majchrzak Board Member Poland
IBM Poland and Baltics Jarosław Szymczuk General Director Poland

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Steering committee

Joanna Ałasa

Senior Analyst, NN IP Poland

Member, Investor Group Coordinator

Iweta Opolska

Director of Gas Trading Office, PKN ORLEN SA


Cezary Żelaźnicki

Inclusion & Diversity Leader, PwC Central and Eastern Europe


Aleksandra Włodarczyk

Senior CEE Trader, ING Poland

Member, Coordinator

Magdalena Kołodziejczyk



Ludmiła Falak-Cyniak

CEO, Aegon Pension Fund


Milena Olszewska-Miszuris

CEO, WM Advisory


Aleksandra Gren

Executive Board Member, Fiserv Poland


Our work

We are working to bring about real transformation by providing information and help for your business to improve diversity and inclusion at all levels.

We are present in the media and we want to be an important voice in the public debate on the role of women in business.

We are staging events to evolve thinking around the issue of diversity. We are speaking at conferences, universities and various events on diversity and inclusion.

We create, promote and build on research, in order to help institutions direct their energies toward activities that make a difference in driving change.

All the essential informations about the Club and our activity in Poland on one page


Diversity on Supervisory Boards, November 2021

“Diversity on Supervisory Boards 2021” examines the reasons for low level of female nominations to supervisory boards by domestic institutional investors. The report was initiated by 30% Club Poland Investor Group and it shows the results of a survey conducted among institutional investors in Poland.

Majority of surveyed institutional investors’ representatives recognise the problem of low diversity of Polish listed companies’ boards. 50% of respondents consider broad diversity on boards (gender, education, age, etc.) in their investment decisions. When narrowing down to the gender diversity of corporate boards, 1/3 of respondents take this indicator into account, while incorporating ESG criteria into their decision making.

However, institutional investors rarely nominate women to supervisory boards – only one in ten respondents regularly does so. As the key reasons, they point to the insufficient number of women in their own candidate bases and the less active way in which women promote their candidacies.

Based on these declarative responses, a solution to the problem of low female representation on supervisory boards is within reach, and institutional investors have the potential to change the status quo. 16.6% of respondents consider the gender ratio of the board when nominating a candidate. 43.8% are not doing so yet, but say that ongoing changes in the market environment may prompt them to take this aspect into account in the future.

Read the report

Women on boards and company performance, January 2021

The share of women on boards of 140 Polish listed companies from the WIG20, mWIG40 and sWIG80 indices was a mere 13.8% by the end of 2019. Additionally, progress to rectify this imbalance has been slow, with an increase of only 3.8pp observed over the last decade. Firms with a higher representation of women on boards saw competitive advantages in terms of higher net margins and lower share price volatility. This data is drawn from “Women on boards and company performance”, a report published by CFA Society Poland.


Read the report (English version)

Read the report (Polish version)


As asset owners and asset managers we are responsible for the stewardship of the investments we make on behalf of our members and clients. Part of that responsibility includes the assessment of the boards and senior management teams of our investee companies. We believe boards that genuinely embrace cognitive diversity, as manifested through appropriate gender representation and a broad spectrum of skills and experience, are more likely to achieve better outcomes for investors. There is increasing research to support this hypothesis.

Main Aim

As members of the 30% Club Poland Chapter Investor Group, we are committed to promote our target of a minimum of 30% women on boards of 140 largest WSE-listed companies by the end of 2030. By boards we understand management and supervisory boards combined. We support the interim target of 20% of women on boards by the end of 2025 and no board without a woman by the end of 2025.

Statement of Intent

Inwestorzy instytucjonalni dla różnorodności we władzach spółek 

30% Club Poland Investor Group w pierwszą rocznicę uruchomienia kampanii w Polsce opublikowała raport podsumowujący rok swojej działalności. Raport wskazuje przykłady działań na rzecz różnorodności we władzach spółek giełdowych (m.in. promowanie najlepszych praktyk, wykonywanie prawa głosu na walnych zgromadzeniach, raportowanie działań). Przedstawia również w jaki sposób inwestorzy instytucjonalni aktywnie wchodzą w dialog ze spółkami oraz podsumowuje działania mające na celu podnoszenie świadomości znaczenia różnorodności płci we władzach spółek.

Read the report (Polish version)

We joined the 30% Club initiative because it fits very well in our company’s DNA. We are committed to promoting a strong women’s voice in the business world. There is a long way to go ahead of us, because so far only 15% of the boards seats of the largest Polish listed companies are occupied by women. But with small steps, the reality around us is changing. As a large and responsible institutional investor, we want to take part in the change. We are convinced that the diversification of companies’ executive boards is conducive to their development.

     Małgorzata Barska, CEO NN IP

As employers, we care about a diverse work environment in many ways, and we see many benefits for the entire team. However, we can go one step further and, taking advantage of the fact that our funds are stakeholders in many companies, we can also influence the behaviour of other market participants. We hope that our presence at general meetings and our activity during meetings with management boards will allow for an increase in participation of women in the highest governing bodies of listed companies, because we consider the current level of 15% to be unsatisfactory and in the long run detrimental to the issuers themselves.

   Paweł Homiński, CEO Noble Funds

Following the global success of 30% Club cross-company mentoring, which is now the largest of its kind in the world, we are delighted to be able to offer this programme in Poland. This pioneering programme launched with just eight organisations in the UK, and has now supported over 16,800 people, from 681 organisations across 30 sectors, from 50 countries.

The programme, called Mission Gender Equity, is a ready-to-go diversity and inclusion initiative and is delivered in full by a specialist organisation, Moving Ahead.

Matching of mentors and mentees starts in early February 2023, and we need a minimum of 15 organisations signed up to launch here in Poland.

Headlines about the programme are:

  • Nine months in duration, launching in March 2023,
  • Organisations put forward ten mentors (men and women) and ten mentees (women), who commit to at least five mentoring meetings together,
  • Moving Ahead trains and equips all participants via a series of digital events, toolkits and support,
  • Events include inspiring speakers (eg Sheryl Sandberg – Founder of Lean In, best-selling author, philanthropist and former COO of Meta, Matthew Syed – best-selling author, journalist and former Olympic table tennis player),
  • Mentor matching is cross-company and cross-sector,
  • Fee is 7,000 EUR per organisation (equates to 350 EUR per person).

Watch a short film about the UK cohort here

The programme is a proven, practical and powerful way to achieve greater gender balance at senior levels within organisations, as well as delivering on gender pay gap reporting, and broader diversity and inclusion goals.



Our entire activity of the 30% Club Poland would not be possible without the help of supporting institutions who donate their time and resources to help organise conferences and events, support and host meetings of the 30% Club Poland Chapter, support the CEOs and Chairs with knowledge of how to drive changes, how to introduce and embed diversity&inclusion in their companies.

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You can also get involved in our campaign without being the CEO or Chair of the company or an institutional investor, but simply an ambassador of our ideas. You can help spread the word about 30% Club Poland and assist in various events and press opportunities.

Grażyna Rzehak

Board Advisor


Ewa Dąbrowska

Managing Director, Nationale-Nederlanden Polska


Barbara Stepnowska

member of the Programme Board of Open Eyes Economy on Tour


Ewa Radkowska-Świętoń

President of the Association of Independent Supervisory Board Members


Katarzyna Nabrdalik

President of the Teach for Poland Foundation


Piotr Rybicki

Professional member of supervisory boards


Mariola Szymańska

President of EFPA Poland


Olga Petelczyc

Managing Partner, Arete Audit


Ewa Sowińska

Partner, ESO Audit


Andrzej Pośniak

Managing Partner, CMS


Katarzyna Piasecki

CEO, Founder of ENNBOW