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The French 30% Club Investor Group was established in November 2020 when six asset management companies representing nearly 3 trillion euros in assets under management came together to promote better gender diversity within the SBF 120’s executive management teams.

Those companies were led by AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) and also included Amundi, La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBP AM), Sycomore Asset Management, and two firms affiliated with Natixis Investment Managers, Mirova and Ostrum Asset Management.

Our targets

We want French listed companies to represent the diversity of our society.
Members of the 30% Club Investor Group aims to increase the representation of women in the SBF 120’s executive management teams to reach at least 30% by 2025.

The Group also aims to collaborate with and coordinate a community of investors around the
issue of gender diversity, as well as generate open discussions with the SBF120
companies and support them in this transition.

More about us

We are the place where French investors passionate about diversity and inclusion can meet,
learn and take action to drive change with the assets they own.

The Group was first established in 2020 by Marie Fromaget and a small group of investors. The aspiration was to get at least 30% of women in executive management teams of the SBF120 by 2025.

Since then, the group has grown, welcoming global investors of all sizes. The group’s governance changes annually with a new investor co-chair leading every year.

In 2021, the 30% Club France Investor Group was successfully co-chaired by AXA IM and Amundi (Liudmila Strakodonskaya and Marie Fromaget from AXA and Molly Minton and Virna Valenti from Amundi). 

The first year of the initiative aimed to evaluate the current state of play and convey investor expectations on gender diversity (in the form of our 30% objectives and our gender diversity reporting expectations).

The first year also launched active engagements with a target list of companies.

The results of the first year include rising awareness of the importance of gender equality among the French market.

In 2022, the Group continued its successful journey under the leadership of Marie-Sybille Connan (Allianz GI) and now boasts 16 members with 6 trillion EUR in assets under management.

In 2023, Allianz GI and Candriam AM will be co-chairing the investor initiative with Theany Bazet being Candriam’s representative.

Going forward, the group will continue its efforts to constructively engage with investee companies to raise awareness, understand gender diversity related challenges, and drive positive change.

You can find the 2023 annual report for the France Investor group here

You can find the 2022 annual report here

Read our launch press release in English here or French here

Allianz Global Investors, Amplegest, Amundi, AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM), BMO Global Asset Management (part of Columbia Threadneedle), Candriam, Comgest, Crédit Mutuel AM, Generali IP, La Banque Postale, La Française, Legal & General, Mirova, Ostrum Asset Management, Sycomore Asset Management.