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About 30% Club Brazil

The 30% Club is a global campaign led by Chairs and CEOs taking action to increase gender diversity at board and senior management levels on a voluntary basis. The campaign continues to expand its international footprint with presence in eighteen countries/ regions around the world.

We support diversity in its very broadest sense and while gender has been our starting point, we fully realize that considerations of ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background and beyond are all part of the journey – and that gender identities are themselves evolving rapidly. We believe that only those organizations that foster truly inclusive cultures – cultures that embrace women who look, act and, importantly, THINK differently – can reach their full potential to positively impact their people, their markets and their communities.

The 30% Club Chapter Brazil was officially launched in 2019 and since then has been inviting listed companies to join the journey towards gender equality on boards and senior management roles by setting the following aspirational goals:

  • – Achieve zero all male boards on B3 IBrX 100 listed companies by 2023;
  • – Achieve at least 30% women on boards of B3 IBrX 100 listed companies by 2025.

2022 will see a strong focus on intensifying engagement with Chairs and CEOs encouraging laggard companies with all-male boards and with only one women on the board (one & done boards) to join the campaign and to appoint at least 30% women on boards by 2025. The overarching strategy is to act as a public voice for gender balance both on boards and senior leadership teams by working collaboratively with companies on their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) journeys and with other bodies to spread awareness, grow the pipeline and stimulate demand primary to increase female board directors and female senior management in Brazil. Please click here  to download a copy of the Brazilian 30% Club Information Booklet in Portuguese.

Our aim

To support the achievement of a minimum of 30% Gender Balance at
all senior decision-making tables across Brazil, including Boards and c-Suite.



Activate senior leaders

Engage chairs and CEOs to drive change and support organisations in their diversity & inclusion endeavours, with a specific focus on gender.



Influence those with power to drive change

Influence at a national level on diversity related topics and working complementary to other national initiatives including Balance for Better Business, the State Boards Diversity Initiative.



Enabling future women leaders

Support the development of talent pipeline through mentoring, executive education scholarships and board-ready initiatives

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Advisory Board

Anna Maria Guimarães

Chair of the Advisory Board

Board Member TIM S.A

Marcia Kitz


30% Club Brasil

Boris Poluhoff

Board Member

C-Level Coach & MBA Profesor

Carlos Takahashi

Board Member

30% Club Brasil

Cassia Klopsch

Board Member

Strategic Consultant Global Corporate Transformation SAP

Daniela Monteiro

Board Member

30% Club Brasil

Geraldo Soares

Board Member

Chair of the Board - IBRI & Board Member - ABRASCA

Jaques Horn

Board Member

30% Club Brasil

Steering Committee

The 30% Club is supported by a Steering Committee and a Work Group that is made up
of senior men and women who volunteer their time and skills.

Cassia Klopsch

Governance Officer

30% Club Brasil

Carlos Takahashi

Head of the Activate Committee

30% Club Brasil

Fernando Henrique de Oliveira

Head of the Communications Committee

30% Club Brasil

Marcia Kitz

Head of the Enable Committee

30% Club Brazil


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Brazil Gateway Jane K. Aparecido Director Brazil
Veirano Advogados Ricardo Veirano Member Brazil
CVC Silvio Genesini Chair Brazil
Fundação Real Grandeza Sergio Fontes CEO Brazil
GranBio Sandra Guerra Lead Independent Director Brazil
Cogna Rodrigo Galindo CEO Brazil
Sulamérica Patrick Larragoiti Chair Brazil
Renner Osvaldo Schirmer Vice Chair Brazil
Totvs | BR Malls | Eletrobrás Mauro Cunha Board Member Brazil
Tozzini Freire Teixeira e Silva Advogados Maria Elisa Verri Partner Brazil

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Our work

Main Aims

The purpose of the Activate Committee is to help coordinate the investment community’s approach to gender diversity. In particular, to explain the investment case for more diverse boards; to encourage all investors to engage on the issue of board diversity with chairs and management teams and to consider diversity when voting on the appointment and re-election of board members.

 As asset owners and asset managers we are responsible for the stewardship of the investments we make on behalf of our members and clients. Part of that responsibility includes the assessment of the boards and senior management teams of our investee companies.

We believe boards that genuinely embrace cognitive diversity, as manifested through appropriate gender representation and a broad spectrum of skills and experience, are more likely to achieve better outcomes for investors. There is increasing research to support this hypothesis. 

The current members of the Investors Group in Brazil are: Blackrock, Federated Hermes, Previ, Petros, Robeco, FRAM Capital, Leblon Equities, Fundação Real Grandeza, Aberdeen, Stratus Group and Santander Asset Management. The group is supported by AMEC and works in collaboration with PRI.


For more information get in touch with Carlos Takahashi.


Main Aim

The Communications Committee seeks to maximize the profile and reach of the 30% Club campaign locally through a coordinated and strategic communications program, ensuring alignment with the global reputation.


For more information get in touch with Eduardo Correa.


Main Aim

Its purpose is to co-ordinate the dialogue and direct cooperation with different movements, campaigns, forums and events related to gender diversity in Brazil.

Currently we have established partnership agreements with:

  • Fin4She
  • + Mulher 360
  • WILL
  • WCFO
  • Mulheres do Varejo
  • CKZ Diversidade
  • IBEF Mulher
  • Mulheres da Verdade
  • Mulheres no Comando


For more information get in touch with Marcia Kitz.


Main Aims

The financial ecosystem group aims at coordinating the approach to gender diversity among different stakeholders of the financial industry. Aligned to the targets of the 30% Club – Brazil Chapter, we seek to (i) zero the number of “all male boards” on B3 IBrX 100 listed banks and financial services companies by

2023 and (ii) achieve at least 30% women on boards of B3 IBrX 100 listed banks and financial services companies by 2025. 

We also work with key players in the sector to (i) foster the offering of products and services that stimulate gender equality and (ii) to increase the participation of women in the financial market.

We believe the financial community can play an important role in advocating for gender diversity in general, and access to c-level and board positions particularly. Rising awareness of the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects when pricing assets is on top of the agenda of many financial institutions. In their financial advisory role, they can also influence the composition of the boards of corporate clients that are either listed or have

plans to join the capital markets. They are also to influence the diversity agenda by offering products and services that foster gender equality, as well as by adopting practices to increase the attraction of female talents to the financial industry.

Therefore, we also aim at advancing the gender diversity agenda within the financial ecosystem by engaging with both commercial and investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms, insurance companies, service providers and class entities to (i) explain the investment case for more diverse boards; (ii) encourage them to engage with and promote the board diversity within their firms and client base (iii) adopt polices & procedures that can increase the participation of women in the financial markets and (iv) offer products and services that promote gender equality.




may/23 – Anna Maria Guimarães, Chair of the Board in Brazil, participated as a speaker at the event SOMA: o evento do Mulheres do Imobiliário. 

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