Welcome to the Mexico Chapter

The campaign seeks to encourage organizations to treat diversity like any other business objective.

About 30% Club Mexico

  • Mexico Chapter launched in Dec’20 to achieve at least 15% representation of WOMEN on all boards and C-Suites by 2025 and at least 30% by 2030.


  • The campaign seeks to encourage organizations to treat diversity like any other business objective and asks members to commit to:



– Measure their baseline.

– Set an 30% aspirational target at board level.

– Drive progress towards that target.

Our aim

To support the achievement of a minimum of 30% Gender Balance at all
senior decision-making tables across Mexico, including Boards and C-Suite.



Activate senior leaders

Engage chairs and CEOs to drive change and support organizations in their diversity & inclusion endeavours, with a specific focus on gender.



Influence those with power to drive change

Influence at a national level on diversity related topics and working complementary to other national initiatives including Balance for Better Business, the State Boards Diversity Initiative.



Enabling future women leaders

Support the development of talent pipeline through mentoring, executive education scholarships and board-ready initiatives.

The 30% Club is a global effort to place women in leadership positions and on boards from a business perspective. Men and women think different, and thus the reason why diversity plays an important role in companies to improve results, generate sustainable businesses and thus to create a virtuous growth cycle."

Gina Diez Barroso, CEO Dalia Empower, Chair Diarq Group

Chapter progress

We recognize that there is a huge amount of work to do in our country. 
Here’s the women on board data from Centro de Investigación de la Mujer en la Alta Dirección








Filter by Chapter
Company Member name Job Title Chapter membership
IMPRONTA VERDE Claudia Corona Founder/ CEO Mexico
KPMG Victor Esquivel Nora Solano Sr Partner Managing Director Mexico Social Tax & Legal Services Mexico
Mastercard Laura Cruz Country Manager Mexico
METCO Edurne Balmori CEO Mexico
Momlancers Gemma Godoy Co-founder Mexico
Santander Juan Ignacio Echeverria Fernández Norma Angélica Castro Executive director of HR D&I Director Mexico
Bloomberg Sabina Mehmood Pablo Casaux Product Manager, GEI Latam Head of Market Structure Strategy Mexico
Citigroup Manuel Romo Ana Elena Ruiz Avila CEO Mexico Transformation Head for Consumer Mexico Mexico
DIARQ// DALIA Gina Diez Barroso Alexander C. Reuter Vollmer President and CEO Grupo Diarq CEO Dalia Empower Mexico
Egade Orla Mairead Branigan Head of Marketing Egade Mexico

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Steering committee

Arturo Saval


Nexxus Capital

Martha Herrera González

Deputy of equality and social inclusion and Cabinet Coordinator of equality for all

Nuevo Leon State Government

Odracir Barquera

General Director of Planning Council

Consejo Coordinador Empresarial

Bernardo González



Victor Esquivel

Senior Partner


Pablo Casaux

Latam Head of Market Structure Strategy


Silvia Davila

Regional President Danone EDP LATAM


Sandrine Dupriez



Advisory committee

José Octavio Reyes Lagunes

Global Board Member Mastercard / Chair 30% Club Mexico

Mastercard / 30% Club Mexico

Mónica Flores

Managing Director Latin America


Mauricio Reynoso



Gina Diez Barroso

President / CEO

Diarq, Dalia Empower

Maria Ariza



Our Work


Available to CEOs, Chairs of companies or associations with a minimum headcount of 300 employees or with a wide spectrum of influence that can generate strategic alliances with national, international or governmental organizations to increase scalability and efficiencies.

We ask our members to champion the Campaign’s mission, help further its positioning and increase its influence and visibility within the media and wider business community. There is no initial cost for the memberships, but further contributions shall be required to cover certain expenses and events as agreed in advance with our members.

Benefits for joining the club

  • INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM where diverse teams, universities, members, organizations collaborate in six continents and building up lessons learned.
  • It gives a VISIBILITY under a standardized goal to achieve a minimum of 30% gender parity in different positions.
  • Access to global FORUMS for understanding different points of view and forging relationships. (ie: Women’s Forum, UN Global Compact, UN Women)
  • Offers a strong NETWORK of highly talented professionals across different backgrounds, cultures, positions.
  • Provides LEARNING PROGRAMS to establish cross functional mentoring and sponsorship schemes
  • Offers ONLINE PLATFORMS for publishing best practices and updated information to promote diversity


For more information or to add your story to our case studies get in touch with us.


A connected community of leaders committed to change

Members have access to a 9-month program ran by Moving Ahead. In the program organizations participate through putting forward female mentees (high potential women at all levels of the career pyramid from mid manager to Board cusp) and male female mentors (senior manager to Board Level). First round: June’21 -Feb’22 sponsored by Mastercard.

Following rounds to be covered with our members contributions and/or additional sponsors.

Moving Ahead Cross Company Mentoring Program: track record.

8 years, 239 organizations, 12,330 mentors and  mentees, 31 countries, more than 30 sectors.


  • Focuses on gender diversity in order to build and strengthen necessary pipelines and achieve parity of women in  leadership and board roles
  • The programe matches women from all levels mentors from another organization. Now entering its eighth year, in the UK, we are delighted to be launching this year in the US, Mexico and are in conversations with South Africa  and Hong Kong
  • The programe is a proven, practical and powerful way to achieve greater gender balance at senior levels within organizations, as well as delivering on gender pay gap reporting, and broader diversity and inclusion goals
  • Core mentoring training will be delivered in Spanish, and events will include global speakers and films in English  (with Spanish subtitles)


For more information get in touch with Moving Ahead.


The Investor group brings together asset owners and asset managers, committed to the 30% Club goals for women participation in Boards and Senior Management.

The purpose of the Investor Group is to: (1) help coordinate the investment community’s approach to gender diversity with investees; (2) explain the investment case for more diverse boards and a floor of 30% women Board Representation; (3) encourage all investors to engage on the issue of board diversity with chairs and management teams; (3) to consider women when nominating independent supervisory board members (nonexecutive directors) (4) exercise our ownership rights, including voting and engagement, to effect change on company boards and within senior management teams.


The 30% Club remains committed to using data to help drive change. The Bloomberg Gender Equality Reporting Framework and Gender Equality Index (GEI) allows corporations to track their progress towards equality in the workplace in order to manage effective change. Through public disclosure and comprehensive, transparent scoring, the companies reporting with the GEI have shown their commitment to progress.

Benefits for investors:

  • Identify public companies that are committed to transparent reporting and addressing gender inequality.
  • Communicate actively and efficiently best corporate governance practices among investee companies.
  • Have access to D&I data from investee companies useful for investment decisions.
  • Gain visibility to customers, employees and other stakeholders of your support to ESG in general and Gender in particular.


For more information get in touch with Pablo Casaux


The purpose of the group is to share and develop the best practices that can be implemented across a range of firms and industries to develop gender balance in leadership by developing a toolkit adapted to Mexico.

It works around three pillars Corporate, Professional and Personal to enable members develop the skills required to foster confidence and competences. Institutions that participate with our chapter include: Mercer, CIMAD (IPADE), Mujeres en Finanzas, Ezentia, Grupo Expansión, Dalia Empower, EGADE.

  • EGADE offers two annual scholarships (50%) for their part time MBA program. Across the global network of the 30% Club there is a wide list of universities that offer these types of scholarships 
  • Dalia Empower provides tactical courses on negotiation, professional network, personal branding, master classes on demand where discounts apply for our members.
  • The Boardlist enables with its platform to place our female candidates in US Boards that can be from a start up to a listed company. This alliance provides visibility to our talented pool of female candidates and strengthens our members’s through their endorsement.
  •  CIMAD (IPADE) has also a directory of women ready for boards to help them increase visibility and thus eligibility.


For more information  get in touch with Sandine Dupriez



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