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July 19, 2024: Interview with Ms. Takayo Hasegawa CEO, Executive President and Representative Director SWCC Corporation is published Japanese
June 26, 2024: Investor Toolkit for Engaging Boards on Diversity
2024 is published Japanese
June 15, 2024: Activity report on the 10th TOPIX President’s Committee Japanese
May 13, 2024: Investor Group progress report vol.4 is published Japanese
February 13, 2024: University Group Nine University Heads Announce Commitment to “Running a Diverse University” Japanese  | English
January 25, 2024: Activity report on the joint event held by Investor Group and TOPIX Presidents’ Association Japanese
January 10, 2023: Ratio of women on board of directors in 2023  Japanese
December 6, 2023: Investor Group progress report vol.3 is published Japanese  | English
November 20, 2023: Activity report on the 9th TOPIX President’s Committee  Japanese
November 7, 2023: The 9th TOPIX President’s Committee is held  Japanese
May 19, 2023: Activity report on the 8th TOPIX President’s Committee Japanese
May 17, 2023: The 8th TOPIX President’s Committee is held  Japanese
March 23, 2023: Investor Group Progress Report vol.2 is published Japanese | English
February 15, 2023: University Group, A dialogue between Yuko Takahashi, President of Tsuda University,
              and Teruo Fujii, President of University of Tokyo Japanese | English
January 26, 2023: Activity report on joint event held by Investor Group and TOPIX Presidents’ Association Japanese
December 6, 2022: Ratio of women on board of directors in 2022  Japanese
November 15, 2022: The 7th TOPIX President’s Committee is held  Japanese
November 25, 2022: Investor Group progress report vol.1 is published Japanese  | English
October 28, 2022: Interview (in Japanese) with Ms. Keiko Tashiro Director(Member of the Board), Deputy President, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. is published
March 7, 2022: Investor Group 2021 annual report (Japanese | English) and the panel discussion event report (Japanese | English) are published
February 15, 2021: Announced a statement on the importance of diversity   Japanese | English
December 25, 2020: Announcement of Statement on the 5th Basic Plan for Gender Equality Japanese
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About 30% Club Japan

What is 30% Club:

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2010, the 30% Club is a global campaign taking action to increase the proportion of women in key decision-making bodies of companies, including the board of directors.

The campaign expands its international foot to more than 20 countries and the number of deployed countries continues to increase.

Establishment of 30% Club Japan and our vision:

30% Club Japan officially started on May 1, 2019.

30% Club Japan has a belief that gender balance in corporate decision-making bodies, such as the board of directors and management teams, is not only strengthens corporate governance, but also promotes sustainable growth, improves international competitiveness. Moreover we believe that it will contribute to the construction of Japanese society.

30% Club Japan takes  “integrated approach” in which companies, institutional investors, governments, media, professional firms, executive search firms, universities, etc. collaborate to develop various initiatives that work on companies as well as society as a whole. We aim to achieve corporate diversity more comprehensively and efficiently.

30% Club Japan Goals:

Ratio of women on board of directors (*) of TOPIX100: 30% by 2030
As of the September 2023, ratio of woman on board of directors of TOPIX100 is 19.6%. 
* Board of directors: Company with company auditors includes auditor.

30% Club Japan activities:

The 30% Club Japan initiates through the working group. Currently, 3 working groups have been created, each forming a subgroup and developing activities. The “TOPIX President’s Committee” led by the members of TOPIX100, the institutional investor subgroup “Investor Group”, and the university subgroup “University Group”. See “Working Groups” below for details.


CEO, chairman, board chairman, or equivalent position of listed company with more than 300 employees can be a member of 30% Club Japan. Please contact the following for details on membership requirements.


■ 30% Club Japan Brochure: Japanese | English
■ 30% Club Japan management organization: Japanese | English
■ 30% Club Japan FAQ: Japanese | English

Our aim

To support the achievement of a minimum of 30% Gender Balance at all senior decision-making tables including Boards and c-Suite.



Activate senior leaders

Engage chairs and CEOs to drive change and support organisations in their diversity & inclusion endeavours, with a specific focus on gender.



Influence those with power to drive change

Influence at a national level on diversity related topics and working complementary to other national initiatives including Balance for Better Business, the State Boards Diversity Initiative.



Enabling future women leaders

Support the development of talent pipeline through mentoring, executive education scholarships and board-ready initiatives

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Company Member name Job Title Chapter membership
Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Taro Fujie President & Chief Executive Officer Japan, Japan
ANA Holdings Inc. Koji Shibata Representative Director, President and CEO Japan, Japan
Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. Akiyoshi Koji Chairman of the Board Japan, Japan
ASKUL Corporation Akira Yoshioka President & CEO Japan, Japan
BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd. Yoshiyuki Izawa Chairman & CEO Japan, Japan
Bloomberg L.P. Kunihiro Ishibashi Japan Chair Japan, Japan
Brunswick Group K.K Daisuke Tsuchiya Partner Japan, Japan
Citigroup Lee R. Waite Citi Country Officer & Japan CEO Japan, Japan
Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. Tetsuya Kikuta Representative Director, President Japan, Japan
Daiwa Securities Group Inc Takashi Hibino Chairman of the Board Japan, Japan

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Steering committee

30% Club Japan is run by steering committee members who participate as volunteers and pro bonos.

Masahiko Uotani



Haruko Nagayama

Vice Chair

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group

Takashi Hibino

Steering Committee

Daiwa Securities Group

Akiyoshi Koji

Steering Committee

Asahi Group Holdings

Ayako Hirofuji

Steering Committee


Kaoru Kobu

Steering Committee

Invesco Asset Management Japan(IAMJ)

Teruo Fujii

Steering Committee

The University of Tokyo

Tsukiko Tsukahara

Advisory Board


Advisory Committee

Not found any committee member for this chapter.


30% Club Japan is endorsed by the most influential organizations in Japan. In addition, 30% Club Japan is supported by many companies.

Working Groups

Main Aim

The TOPIX President’s Committee is a subgroup formed by TOPIX100 and Mid400 members among the members of 30% Club Japan. Only the presidents and chairmen of the members participate, discuss the essential issues that gender diversity does not progress in Japanese companies and effective measures to solve them. We aim to steadily achieve gender equality by initiatively taking actions.

  • 1st TOPIX President’s Committee (December 20, 2019) : Report
  • 2nd TOPIX President’s Committee (May 25, 2020) : Report               Picture
  • 3rd TOPIX President’s Committee (November 12, 2020) : Report 
  • 4th TOPIX President’s Committee (May 17, 2021) : Report 
  • 5th TOPIX President’s Committee (November 11, 2021) : Report
  • 6th TOPIX President’s Committee (May 23, 2022) : Report
  • 7th TOPIX President’s Committee (November 15, 2022) : Report
  • 8th TOPIX President’s Committee (May 19, 2023) : Report
  • 9th TOPIX President’s Committee (November 20, 2023) : Report



Main Aim

  • The Investor Group released an annual report on October 28, summarizing best practices for dialogue to promote gender diversity.



  • The Investor Group has released the 2021 Annual Report.



  • The Investor Group’s Thought Leadership subgroup has begun a series of interviews with female leaders.

            Ms. Yoko Ishikura

           Ms. Jyunko Okawa

           Ms. Yuko Kawamoto

           Ms. Kathy Matsui

           Ms. Emiko Higashi

           Ms. Anna Dingley

           Ms. Keiko Tashiro (in Japanese)

           Ms. Takayo Hasegawa (in Japanese)

  • On February 8, 2022, the panel discussion was held under the theme of “Creating and Utilizing Diverse Boards of Directors.”



  • On December 8, 2022, Investor Group and TOPIX President’s Committee held a joint event
    ~Corporate Governance and the Importance of a Diverse Board of Directors~.


  • On December 8, 2023, Investor Group and TOPIX President’s Committee held the second joint event
    ~Corporate Governance and the Importance of a Diverse Board of Directors~.


The Investor Group is a group of asset owners and asset managers, aiming to engage in constructive dialogue with the board of directors and senior management of investee companies,  share the importance of gender diversity at the top level, and influences its realization.  In addition, the Investor Group will improve the dialogue of institutional investors as a whole by building and sharing best practices for achieving gender diversity at the top of the company.

The Investor Group defines principles shared among members in building best practices in dialogue.

          Click here for Best Practice Principles.

Membership Requirement

The Investor Group has expressed its approach to promote diversity in the board of directors and senior management as the “Statement of Intent”, and institutional investors who support it can be members. Click here for Statement of Intent:



Members (34 companies)

AXA Investment Managers, Asset Management One, Amundi Asset Management, Impax Asset Management Japan Ltd, Invesco Asset Managements, Wellington Managements Japan, MUFG Asset Management, Oasis Management Company, Capital International, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, State Street Global Advisors, Dai-ichi Life Insurance, Daiwa Asset Management,  Deutsche Asset Management, Tokio Marine Asset Management, Nikko Asset Management, Nissay Asset Management, Newton Investment Management Japan, Neuberger Berman, BNY Mellon, Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), Nomura Asset Management, Hermes Investment Management, Fidelity international, BlackRock Japan, Baillie Gifford&Co, Manulife Investment Management, Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management, Russell Investments, Resona Asset Management, Legal & General Investment Management Japan, 3D Investment Partners

          Click here for details on the 30% Club Investor Group



Main Aim

The 30% Club has the catchphrase “Classroom to Boardroom” and is actively collaborating with universities to develop various initiatives from the perspective of strengthening the pipeline. At 30% Club Japan, the University Group is formed in the summer of 2020, and we continue to develop various initiatives in the future. We will notify you in a press release when the direction is set.




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