Thriving diversity with Great Eastern General Insurance Malaysia

Great Eastern General Insurance Malaysia celebrated its recent joining as a Corporate Advocate of the 30% Club Malaysia and to generate greater awareness about #DEI and #ESG.

Here are some points from the panel discussion on Thriving By Unleashing The Potential Of DEI at Great Eastern:

👏 Ng Kok Kheng, CEO of Great Eastern General Insurance Malaysia said diversity is not limited to gender and is about mutually benefiting all generations with wisdom.

👏 Surina Ismail said we should value diversity – minorities enrich us with their different perspectives. And we need to make the business case for #DEI to get buy-in.

👏 Michelle Ann Iking said sometimes barriers are self-imposed. Women need to advocate for themselves more, and maximise time and opportunity with mentors that are assigned to them at workplaces.

Great Eastern has 64% women represented with one third in management and senior leadership positions. It recognises that more women can be in management.