“You can make a difference and you are never alone,”

“You can make a difference and you are never alone.”

That was one key message from this week’s Sesi Bual Bicara Kepimpinan Wanita (Dialogue on Women’s Leadership), under the auspices of the Institut Sosial Malaysia (ISM) and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

30% Club Malaysia Board Mentoring Scheme mentees, Shireen Iqbal and Emi Rice-Oxley were invited to be part of this engaging panel where they shared their successes and motivations.

Including lawyer Fahda Nur Ahmad Kamar and having Dr Wan Nur Ibtisam Wan Ismail as the moderator made the conversation truly enriching.

Thank you to ISM for the kind invitation to talk about the 30% Club Malaysia mission to elevate diversity, equity and inclusion in Malaysia.

Also thank you to Datuk Dr Maziah Che Yusoff, Secretary General and Dr Wan Nur, Director General of the Ministry of the Ministry of Women et; Dr Faridah Awang, Director of ISM for your unwavering support.

These events and platforms are essential for fostering dialogue, sharing experiences, and inspiring women to go further.

The 30% Club is indeed grateful to be part of this precious opportunity.