Women in STEM – Malaysia Edition

The 30% Club Malaysia recently held a special “Women in STEM” edition of its signature Board Awareness Program in collaboration with Microsoft Malaysia, supported by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)!

The afternoon drew a full-house of engaged C-suite women and entrepreneurs, alongside a distinguished lineup of speakers, presenters, and panelists.

Carefully curated to deliver valuable insights into board roles, the Board Awareness Program highlighted trending areas of expertise, and offered practical knowledge on essential skillsets required to get into board positions.

One notable observation shared by Marzida Mohd Noor during her presentation was the evolving age demographic of board members, with an increasing number of women aged 40-50 holding board roles. 

She also touched on the 30% Club’s strategic direction, including the hope to garner more support from institutional investors as corporate advocates in this journey towards parity.

As K Raman rightfully covered in his closing remarks, cultivating a growth mindset is crucial for navigating the transformations in this digital age, with women in tech playing an invaluable role in steering the way forward!

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Microsoft Malaysia for graciously hosting the afternoon, and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for the great support extended. Special thanks to our esteemed speakers and panelists, K Raman, MD of Microsoft Malaysia; Gopi Ganesalingam, SVP and Head of Digital Exports, MDEC; Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, Dr. Jasmine Begum, See Mei Chin, and 30% Club steering committee members, Marzida Mohd Noor, Raj Kumar Paramanathan and the many volunteers who made it happen!