What is the 30% Club?

Our Story

In 2010, the 30% Club campaign was founded by Dame Helena Morrissey and has since evolved into a global mission with chapters in multiple countries/regions around the world.

In 2015, Brenda Trenowden CBE was appointed as the new lead for the UK chapter and as the Global Chair of the 30% Club, reflecting the increased reach and scale of the campaign since its launch.

In June 2019, Ann Cairns joined as Global Co-Chair of the campaign, alongside Brenda. Further to Brenda stepping down in 2020, Ann assumed the role of sole Global Chair.

For more information on our individual chapters and their core areas of focus, please see the relevant chapter pages.

Our Values

We believe that collaborative, concerted business-led efforts can help accelerate progress towards better gender balance at all levels of organisations.

The 30% Club does not believe mandatory quotas are the right approach (save in exceptional circumstances).

Instead, we support a voluntary approach in order to realise meaningful, sustainable change.

30% Club efforts are complementary to individual company efforts and existing networking groups, adding to these through collaboration and the visible and voluntary commitment of senior business leaders.

How we work

The 30% Club works to bring about real transformation by:

Encouraging and supporting Chairs and CEOs to appoint more women to Board and senior management level 

Providing information for businesses trying to improve their diversity at all levels 

Harnessing public media support and leveraging social media. 

Creating and promoting research to help governments and institutions to direct their energies toward activities that drive change.

How to join

We’re a voluntary organisation of senior professionals committed to making business better across more than 20 countries. 

Our members are board chairs and CEOs but there are lots of ways for individuals and organisations to support our campaign to bring about change.