Research Collaboration with Monash University Malaysia

30% Club Malaysia is thrilled to share a dynamic research collaboration with Monash University Malaysia’s School of Business.

What started as a serendipitous meeting between our Co-Lead of the Influence Pillar, Rejina Rahim, and Professor Grace Hooi, Head of the Economics Department, at a March 2022 event, has blossomed into something remarkable.

The result of which is one of the PhD students took on the research to examine the impact of female representation at decision-making levels on corporate performance on Bursa Malaysia’s public-listed companies (PLCs).

The research found that for every 10-percentage point increase in the representation of women on boards and female executives, there was a significant improvement of 1.4% and 1.2% on the return on investment.

30% Club Malaysia strongly believes that the path to getting Malaysia’s economic engine fired up for a sustainable future lies in empowering all segments of society.

A path towards gender parity and the all-encompassing stakeholder economy has the potential of contributing up to USD50 billion to Malaysia’s GDP according to McKinsey’s Global Institute study in 2018. With this recent finding by Monash University. Malaysia alongside the growth of women representation on Bursa’s PLCs, we hope to see that the ROI numbers grow in tandem for the benefit of all.

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