Get Together Session with Mentees and Mentors

Networking is one of the three ways board-ready candidates can gain visibility in the Board mentoring journey.

With this in mind, the 30% Club Malaysia Board Mentoring Manager Norlela Baharudin recently organised an afternoon tea in Kuala Lumpur. The event saw the participation of some ten mentees – sharing and learning from our invited guest mentors of the Board Mentoring Scheme.

Reza Ghazali and Christina Foo were the guest mentors that were sharing some of the key competencies essential for boards namely strategic decision making, analytical skills and business acumen.

The mentors reminded the candidates to take a careful look at the industry and companies that they are interested to serve on boards before deciding on taking an appointment.

While sharing their experiences and learning from the guests, the mentees had the opportunity to meet fellow mentees and, some for the first time.

Oh yes! If you are wondering what is the other two ways to broaden ones reach and opportunities for board roles, they are:

– To learn from the experienced board members and
– To increase one’s visibility through platforms available on social