Get on Board with Deloitte’s Board-Ready Women Programme

Deloitte Malaysia launched its inaugural Board-Ready Women Programme 2023 in partnership with the Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia, Boardroom Malaysia, and the 30% Club Malaysia.

The Board-Ready Women Programme, an initiative under the Global Boardroom Programme, aims to prepare and position aspiring women for board placements,  equipping them to be effective in their roles.

In Malaysia, Siti Hajar Osman is the CoLeader for the Global Boardroom Programme and will be leading this Board-Ready Women Programme.

At the programme’s launch event, Datuk Ami Moris, Chair of 30% Club Malaysia, addressed the state of women in Malaysian boardrooms. 

She highlighted the remarkable achievement of women now holding slightly over 30% of board seats in the top 100 publicly listed companies on Bursa Malaysia. This milestone underscores a significant step towards gender parity and a growing acknowledgment of the immense value diversity brings to the corporate world.

In her speech, she emphasised, “Collectively, Corporate Malaysia can be a force for good to create a more cohesive society, as envisaged by the Madani Economy, where every individual has equitable opportunities to contribute and thrive.”

The programme comprises four interactive modules conducted over two months, each delving into critical aspects of governance, personal attributes, live boardroom simulation, and leadership qualities.

These are :

Session 1: (that took place on 6 September): Governance & Technical, which will provide an introduction to key corporate governance & technical principles as well as the legal aspects for the role.

Session 2: Personal Attributes, will focus on building a personal brand, navigating board dynamics and leveraging on mentorship to accelerate the board journey.

Session 3: Live Boardroom Simulation, will be a mock boardroom simulation and breakout session with feedback and guidance on some leading practices from the facilitators.

Session 4: Inspired Board-Ready Women and Graduation, the final session will cover the importance of board diversity, shed light on the current barriers that exist for women as well as provide valuable advice to help prepare participants for their board journey.

To commemorate the successful completion of the series, a graduation celebratory luncheon will be hosted.

Participants in this programme will gain invaluable insights into the latest industry trends, technical thought leadership, and essential soft skills necessary for women leaders to excel in the boardroom.

They will also have the opportunity to network and share knowledge with senior board members, industry experts, and seasoned professionals, setting the stage for a brighter, more inclusive future in corporate leadership.