30% Club Chile: First business leaders breakfast

Chile: In our first activity, Ann Cairns, Global Chair of the 30% Club and Executive Vice Chair of Mastercard, welcomed us and shared the experience in the UK and other countries and how they have been able to achieve their goals.

Participants could share different best practices, policies and vision of the impact of diversity in their organizations, interest in Club of 30% Chile purpose, in particular for CEOs and Presidents, through the Investor Group and in the redefinition of merit and talent search.

Different key players took part in this event such as Ivan Arriagada, Chief Executive Officer AMSA; Ana Maria Rabagliati, VP of  Human Resources AMSA; Rene Aguilar, VP of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability AMSA; Cecilia Arrue, Corporate Technical Manager Processing Minera Zaldivar; Rosario Orchard, VP of Planning and Control Management Minera Centinela; Paula Aguirre, VP of Finance Minera Antucoya and Edgar Rojas, VP of Organizational Development AMSA.