Empowering Progress: Celebrating Nine Years of the 30% Club Malaysia

Nine years ago, on this very day, we embarked on a mission to shatter glass ceilings and redefine corporate leadership in Malaysia. With a bold vision to triple the representation of women on company boards, the “30% Club Malaysia” took flight, catalysing a seismic shift towards gender parity.

Today, as we commemorate our journey since 2015, we stand tall, empowered by remarkable progress. Thanks to tireless advocacy and unwavering commitment, women now hold 31.4% of board seats in the top 100 public listed companies and 26% across all PLCs in Malaysia (as of April 2024).

This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to the collective dedication by our Volunteer Advocates, Corporate Advocates and Council Members towards DEI.

But our mission doesn’t end here. The 30% mark isn’t our destination—it’s our launching pad towards true parity. Our new Chair, Nurul A’in Abdul Latif, took the helm recently and together with her, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering an environment where every voice is heard, every talent is recognized, and every opportunity is equitable.

Beyond numbers, our impact resonates in Malaysian boardrooms, in Malaysian communities, and in the very fabric of our nation’s future. By championing inclusivity, we’re not just driving economic growth—we’re shaping a legacy of empowerment and progress for generations to come.

Join us as we continue this transformative journey. Together, let’s redefine leadership, break barriers, and build a future where every individual—regardless of gender—has the opportunity to thrive.

Happy Anniversary, 30% Club Malaysia! Here’s to nine years of empowerment, and to many more milestones ahead.