CnetG Asia wins the UN Women Award in the Gender-Responsive Marketplace

Congratulations to CnetG Asia on winning the UN Women Award in the Gender-Responsive Marketplace category at the 2021 Malaysia Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Awards virtual ceremony recently.

Its managing partner Raj Kumar Paramanathan said “When we empower women, we empower the society, minorities and marginalised communities. The journey is challenging not because of resistance, but lack of awareness, education and measurable data on benefits to the business.

“This award underscores the two decades of efforts and silent work we have been investing in diversity and inclusion, particularly gender diversity,” he said.

Raj Kumar is a member of the steering committee at 30% Club Malaysia, a business led campaign that promotes diversity on boards. As a key strategic partner of the 30% Club Malaysia, CnetG Asia, an executive search and, people advisory firm, supports members with executive and board sourcing code and board profile writing masterclass for mentees of the Board Mentoring Scheme, which is one of the pillars of the 30% Club Malaysia.

“Our executive recruitment process is governed by our Diversity Statement which is a set of 5 principles that ensure an inclusive approach with gender lens to ensure a wider pool of talent are considered, eliminating unconscious bias and gender stereotyping in the decision making process. CnetG Asia engages and coaches women through the recruitment process to ensure they succeed in the career transition. We advocate these principles with our clients to support them in their diversity agenda,” he said.

United Nations Women Representative for Asia and the Pacific Sarah Knibbs, commended the efforts made in the country’s business community overall. “The surge in WEPs signatories in Malaysia over the past year is an impressive demonstration of commitment,” she said. 

“The UN Women WEPs Activator Campaign with LeadWomen is helping companies translate this commitment into action empowering women across the value chain. We are proud to celebrate the first WEP Awards in Malaysia to make these efforts visible, showcase best practices, and inspire others to act and create a more gender-inclusive world.” she added.

The Gender-responsive Marketplace category recognised corporations for embracing a gender-lens throughout their value-chains from sourcing to disposal. This includes championing supplier diversity, gender-inclusive distribution and selling, and gender-responsive marketing and advertising. It also includes supporting women entrepreneurs through capacity development or market access opportunities, implementing progressive programmes and/or policies to incentive procurement from women-owned businesses or other gender-responsive companies. 

The award was also given to companies with actions or programmes that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in advertisements and other sales and marketing activities.