Board Profile Writing Masterclass – What Our Mentees Say?

Recently, the 30% Club Malaysia together with CnetG Asia and HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad organised the Professional Board Profile Writing Masterclass Programme for mentees of 30% Club Malaysia Board Mentoring Scheme.

The programme which has been running for the past three years encompasses interactive discussions, live review of resume, writing workshop and networking lunch.

The participants found the half-day session WoW! as it focused on self-reflections and the power of owning one’s space. Following are reflections from mentees after the programme.

“This session has been valuable as it helps me to evaluate my strengths, weakness as well as what are the competences that I have for board position,” said Luanne Sieh.

“Now, I need to lock myself in the room and put my thoughts in broad profile,” she added with a smile.

For Rayvathi Rajendra she found the programme interesting and useful. 

The programme is tailored especially for women who aspire to be on board. The interactive and real-time review of the board profile writing during the workshop was an enlightening experience – we had to apply the tips that have been taught in the first session.

Emi Rice-Oxley wrote on her LinkedIn page that “humility is a virtue but sometimes it comes at the expense of underselling your expertise and achievements. This is true for everyone but especially women. The Masterclass helps distinguish overt, or maybe unconscious, bragging from real achievements,”

She added that “the collective experience of the amazing leaders from diverse industries enriches learning greatly. Regardless of the industry, we share many common concerns and uncertainties in navigating our professional journeys but the support and encouragement we gave each other go a long way to boosting our confidence and success,”

Having conversations, sharing thoughts and experiences from the participants have also helped the mentees to formulate their own thoughts and gave ideas on how to write their broad profile.

For example, how does one convert experiences into strength and competences? And writing them for board profile in a way that entices the board members? This programme helps to address this challenge.

The programme was conducted by Raj Kumar Paramanathan who is the Co-Lead of Activate Pillar of 30% Club Malaysia and Managing Partner of CnetG Asia, an executive search and leadership development firm.

Approximately 15 participants from the mentees of 30% Club Malaysia Board Mentoring Scheme attended the programme.