Ann Cairns pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

London, UK, 09 September 2022
: What an amazing woman we’ve lost. A queen who started her reign as a working mum in the 1950s – a role far outside the social norm in Britain at the time.

She also had a status above her husband in what was very much a man’s world.

She worked tirelessly until the end, welcoming another Liz as the new prime minister just days ago.

She gave 70 years to us as our Queen. She lived a life like no other with an incredible sense of duty and discipline.

She is a shining example of leadership at its very best.

Her former prime ministers say she became very knowledgeable and wise as the years went by. She was a great listener and sage counsellor. But many have also remarked on how she retained a great sense of humour. If you doubt it, then think of the James Bond stunt at the 2012 Olympics, which she simply loved!

The last time I saw her in public was at the Platinum jubilee when she came onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace. It was a wonderful moment which lit up the crowd and we all felt it might be the last time.

How sad that it was and how much we will all miss her.