What we do

The 30% Club runs a number of very specific and targeted initiatives that look to broaden the pipeline of women at all levels of organisations. The 30% Club is also working to bring about real transformation by:

  1. Encouraging and supporting Chairs to appoint more women to their boards.
  2. Providing information and help for businesses trying to improve their diversity at all levels - sharing innovations that work and devising new collaborative actions.
  3. Working with other related groups. We believe that collective, concerted effort can achieve much more than individual initiatives and are ‘open source’ in our approach. We are driven by our objective, rather than by any ‘ownership’ of the issue.
  4. Keeping the spotlight on the issue through our ongoing role in the public debate, on TV and radio and through social media.
  5. Staging large-scale events (free of charge to attendees) to develop momentum and to evolve thinking around the issue.
  6. Speaking at schools, universities and international women’s events.
  7. Tracking progress towards the 30% target.