What membership means

Membership criteria varies across our chapters but membership is generally open to Chairs, CEOs and equivalents, usually of listed companies or leading professional services firms. Our Members lead by example and it is assumed that they will use their influence to bring about change in their own organisations. Members:

  1. lend their name to the Club and commit to publicly support increasing numbers of women at boards and/or senior management level.
  2. support initiatives to build the pipeline of women for executive and non-executive roles
  3. actively assist in recruiting and spreading the word to other Chairs, CEOs and key influencers
  4. if they desire, assist in various events and publicity/press opportunities
  5. are invited to events to build awareness of the benefits of increased diversity and to support key initiatives


By joining the 30% Club, our Members publicly indicate their support for the notion that it is good business practice to have women holding 30% of board seats and/or senior management roles, and share the aspiration to collectively reach this goal. We believe businesses and senior business leaders should drive this change. There is no requirement for Members to have 30% women on their boards or management committees - the under-representation of women at senior levels is a global phenomenon, so better gender balance is usually an aspiration rather than a reality.

Importantly this is not a quota initiative and we do not measure our Members’ performance against our collective aspirational goal. In signing up, our Members agree to be publicly listed as members of the 30% Club, and for this membership to be included in 30% Club’s communications campaigns. There is no requirement to commit specific amounts of time to the initiative. All Members of the 30% Club will be invited to events as they are held - we warmly welcome participation, but attendance is strictly voluntary. There is no membership cost involved, companies ‘share the load’ by kindly offering to host events but again this is entirely voluntary.

How to join

If your organisation’s Chair, CEO or equivalent is interested in becoming a member, please click here to contact the appropriate person for your country/ region.