On March 22, 2017 Borsa Istanbul (BIST) hosted the launch of the 30% Club’s Turkey Chapter as a business led campaign, aimed at improving corporate boards’ gender diversity. The founding members of the 30% Club Turkey represent most of Turkey’s powerful business groups that collectively dominate the stock market.

The 30% Club in Turkey is a spin off from the Independent Women Directors Project, that was initated by Sabancı University’s Corporate Governance Forum when the Capital Markets Board of Turkey amended its Corporate Governance Guidelines in 2012, recommending that companies set a target level of no less than 25% women on their boards. The Forum, which maintains a database of female talent and tracks improvement in BIST boards’ gender diversity, facilitates and coordinates the 30% Club Turkey campaign.

The Steering Commitee of the 30% Club Turkey has the following targets:

  • 30% participation of women in the boards of BIST Star Market and Main Market companies by 2025 (representing an increase of 109% from 14.3% in 2016)
  • 30% women in the top executive team (representing an increase of 100% from 15% in 2016)
  • Zero all male boards in BIST 100 compaines by 2025 (targeting 38 companies with all male boards as of 2016) ,

These targets corresponds to approximately a three-fold increase in the number of professional women on corporate boards from the current level considering that half of the women sitting on corparate boards today are members of controlling shareholder families.

The 30% Club was founded in the UK in 2010. We now have chapters in 10 other countries. Led by Brenda Trenowden CBE, our Global Chair, we collaborate with businesses, governments and other campaigns to improve gender diversity and accelerate the pace of change at senior levels of organisations, and throughout the pipeline. The 30% Club believes that companies with a good balance of men and women in senior roles have better insights into their customers and market opportunities, make better decision, and perform better financially. We support research on why women are good for business and what works to ensure more women progress through the executive pipeline (for further detail on the campaign see booklet and video clip below).


The campaign originally launched with a goal of achieving a minimum of 30% women on FTSE-100 boards - that milestone was reached in September 2018 and the figure currently stands at 30.6%* up from 12.5% back in 2010. Accelerated progress has been achieved through the leadership of Chairs and CEOs, our Members. As of 2016, we extended the scope of our original target and we introduced a pipeline target to sit alongside this:

  • a minimum of 30% women on FTSE-350 boards by 2020 (currently at 27%*).
  • a minimum of 30% women at senior management level of FTSE-100 companies by 2020 (currently women make up 25.2%** at FTSE 100 ExCo + direct report levels). 
​​*BoardEx, September 2018
**Hampton-Alexander Review | FTSE Women Leaders, November 2017

UK membership is primarily targeted at Chairs and CEOs of listed companies - to qualify for membership organisations need to have a workforce of 250 employees or more if not within the FTSE-350 (for further information please email info@30percentclub.org). 

Click here to download our 30% Club information booklet
- View Brenda Trenowden, 30% Club Global Chair, talking about the campaign:

View Mark Wilson's thoughts on signing up to the Executive Committee commitment outlined by the 30% Club in his capacity as Group CEO of Aviva plc (the first FTSE 100 CEO to lend his name to the campaign): 


Proud to be associated with the OECD:

The 30% Club GCC is a regional volunteer effort of multi-sector leaders working together towards better representation of women on boards and in senior level positions.  We work in collaboration to accelerate pace of change and support the growth of a healthy pipeline of talented and capable women that are ready to serve in senior positions across various sectors.

We strongly believe that business-led change is the right way forward; and as such, we support women to realize their potential through mentorship, executive education, research, and we also advocate good governance to support women to serve on boards.

The 30% Club GCC chapter was established in 2015.

30% Club GCC Educational Initiatives

  • Hawkamah (The Institute for Corporate Governance) - In partnership with 30% Club GCC, Hawkamah are offering 20% off the price of all courses for members of 30% club GCC. Each registered individual will enjoy a year of individual membership benefits including exclusive access to events, publications and research. Members wishing to take part in this offer, should contact the 30% Club GCC team for further information. 

    Upcoming Events Include: 
    19/09 - Family Governance Workshop, 
    23/09 - Introduction to Corporate Governance (DDP - Part 1), 
    25/09 - The Board (DDP - Part 2), 
    22/10 - Strategic Leadership (DDP - Part 3), 
    24/10 - Financial Stewardship, Accountability & Planning (DDP - Part 4), 
    18/11 - International Corporate Governance Study Tour - Governance Enabling Innovations
  • 30% Club Scholarship launched at Edinburgh Business School Application process for 2018 now closed

  • The University of Manchester & 30% Club GCC Women in Business Scholarship - Application process for 2018 now closed

    ​Please also visit our Business schools section for further details on each of the Scholarships.

30% Club GCC Research

  • Closing the Gulf's gender gap - The Arabian Business article which includes contributions from a number of the 30% Club GCC members and outlines how GCC states fell behind in closing the gap between women and men last year, but governments are striving to re-tip the scales.
  • View from the Top - A research report from Deloitte in association with the 30% Club GCC Chapter, was released at the Arabian Business Women's Forum on 24th May 2016. 

30% Club GCC Newsletters:


Visit the 30% Club GCC on Linked In and Twitter for all of the latest updates 

The 30% Club Italy was launched on October 26th 2015 as a business-led, not-for-profit initiative aimed at reaching at least a 30% participation of women in leadership (executive positions and boards) by 2020.

The main challenge is increasing women's participation in organizational leadership (executive and top-middle levels) particularly in large companies. Currently, women CEOs are 4% in companies above 200 ML turnover (10% in companies below 50 ML); women executives are less than 10% and women in middle-top management positions (dirigenti) are approximately 16%. Women in boards of stock-listed and government participated companies are approaching 30% (currrently 28%) due to gender quotas introduced by law in 2011.

The primary focus of the 30% Club in Italy will be to grow women’s participation in executive positions (two levels below CEO). Augmenting presence at this level will help create a women CEO pipeline; help drive women’s participation beyond the functional areas where they have traditionally been confined and favor cooptation of women from lower ranks of management and inspire them.

A secondary focus will be on board presence.  We wish to increase women participation in boards not affected by the law, to improve the level of women’s participation in boards and to ensure that, when the law expires, women’s presence will not regress.

More information available on our Information Booklet on our Manifesto and on our Guidelines

Read our reports Più donne nel management Più opportunità per il Paese (September 13th 2016) and Competere e crescere con tutti i talenti (November 24th, 2016).


TSX Composite Index - 23.9%

Recognizing Canada’s distinct corporate governance framework, the aim of the 30% Club Canada is to include both board Chairs and CEOs to achieve better gender balance at board level, as well at senior management levels. In order to achieve this, we are working closely with Catalyst and their important Catalyst Accord initiative. We do not believe mandatory quotas are the right approach. Instead, we are building a strong foundation of business leaders who are committed to meaningful, sustainable gender balance in business leadership. Our name comes from an aspirational goal that we believe can be achieved in Canada through focused efforts by the business community. As in all business ventures, ‘what gets measured gets managed’ – a numeric goal provides real impetus for change, and our goal is for 30% of board seats and C-Suites to be held by women by 2022.

The 30% Club Southern Africa launched in September 2014.

JSE Top 40 - 19.87% 
Target 30% by 2020

Please note that the Southern African Chapter operates on a contribution funding model.  

Kindly contact us for details.

WELCOME to The 30% Club Malaysia Chapter!

The 30% Club started as a campaign in the UK in 2010 with a goal of achieving a minimum of 30% women on FTSE-100 boards.  The 30% Club was launched in Malaysia on 8th May 2015 by the Prime Minister attended by Chairmen, CEOs, and business leaders who are committed to bringing more women onto Malaysian corporate boards.

The purpose of the 30% Club is to:

• inspire debate and discussion at corporate leadership and board levels on gender diversity and its benefits to business
• assist corporate boards in their engagement of qualified, board-ready women
• support initiatives to build a pipeline of women in executive and non-executive roles

The 30% Club is not a call for a quota – instead the 30% Club supports sustainable business-led voluntary change to improve the current gender imbalance on Malaysian corporate boards.

Please be welcomed to contact the Secretariat at email : 30percentclubmalaysia@gmail.com

• If you are interested to explore opportunities as a Woman Director, or
• If you are interested in engaging qualified women onto your Boards, or
• If you wish to offer yourself as volunteer in The 30% Club.

The 30% Club Ireland officially launched in January 2015, with a goal to achieve better gender balance at all levels in leading Irish businesses. The 30% Club believes that gender balance on boards and executive leadership not only encourages better leadership and governance, but further contributes to better all-round board performance, and ultimately increased corporate performance for both companies and their shareholders.  The initiative is complementary to individual company efforts and existing networking groups, adding to these through collaboration and the visible commitment of senior business leaders. Over 200 Irish Chairs and CEOs of leading businesses are supporters of the 30% Club Ireland. These leaders are committed to accelerating gender balance in their organisations through voluntary actions.

The 30% Club is a collaborative business-led effort to make real change in Ireland, aiming towards 30% female representation in senior management by 2020.

30% Club Ireland - Information booklet 2018


On 25th May 2018, the 30% Club Ireland announced that PM Group has signed up as the 200th supporter.

See press release here.

Latest reports:

In Feburary 2018, the 30% Club Ireland, in conjunction with Ibec and DCU, released our Women in Managment report. This is the third report of a five year study which presents the findings of a survey designed to explore the gender breakdown in Irish management hierarchies and to assess trends over a five-year period from 2015 to 2020. Please click here for report.

In January 2018, the 30% Club Ireland Financial Services Sub Committee released a report on Women in Financial Services in Ireland. Please click here for link.

30% Club Ireland submissions:

Gender Pay Gap submission - October 2017

National Women's Strategy submission - January 2017

Public Consultation for the Career Guidance Review

Related blogs:

Carol Andrews, 30% Ireland country lead, asks the question "Are leaders born or made?", please click here.

Related podcasts:

Women in Leadership podcast with Steering Committee member Brid Horan, please click here.

Banking on Women podcast with Steering Committee member Carol Andrews and Angie Mezzetti, please click here.

Women in Leadership podcast with Gillian Harford on AIB Equality Initiatives. Gillian is on the Steering Committee for the Financial Services Group in 30% Club. Please click here for link to podcast.

For general enquiries, please email: 30percentclubireland@bnymellon.com

30% Club HK announces progress in interim goals "No Zeros by 2018" and "20% by 2020" and
urges Hong Kong to strengthen requirements on Gender Diversity of Boards

  HONG KONG, September 29, 2017 – The 30% Club HK today announced that Hong Kong has made progress toward the campaign goals announced a year ago: the number of board seats on Hang Seng Index companies held by women has risen to 13.3% from 11.1% last year, and the number of all-male Hang-Seng Index boards is down to 10 from 12 last year. The 30% Club HK reiterated its interim targets of “20% by 2020” and “No zeros by 2018” at today’s 5th annual 30% Club HK Boardroom Lunch at the Asia Society. The 30% Club HK also released an infographic detailing progress over time, benchmarks to other countries and a list of how the fifty HSI boards stack up. 

Please contact: 30percentclub@twfhk.org for a copy of the full Press Release

The 30% Club Hong Kong launched in March 2013 and is working to bring more women onto Hong Kong corporate boards by:

  • raising awareness among chairs and business leaders of the benefits of gender diversity,
  • inspiring debate and discussion
  • supporting initiatives to build the pipeline of women in executive and non-executive roles.

The 30% Club Hong Kong recognizes that gender diversity is good for the overall effectiveness of the boardroom – and therefore is good for business. Besides benefiting companies, greater board diversity will also benefit Hong Kong. As a global financial centre with an abundant talent pool of highly qualified women, we believe Hong Kong is well positioned to become a leader in board diversity.

The 30% Club Australia launched in May 2015 with the primary objective of campaigning for 30% women on ASX 200 boards by the end 2018. Nicola Wakefield-Evans is the Country Lead and is working closely with the Steering Committee, our Ambassador Chairs and a number of Working Groups and valued supporters from around the country in promoting the benefits of diversity at all levels of business. Please click here to download a copy of the Australian 30% Club Information Booklet. 


  • Country Chair/Founding Member 

    Members image

    Ahmet Dördüncü


    Akkök Holding

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Agah Uğur


    Borusan Holding

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Ali Fuat Erbil


    Garanti Bank

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Ebru Özdemir


    Limak Investment

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Erdal Karamercan

    Vice Chair

    Eczacibası Holding

  • Founding Member 

    Faik Açıkalın

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Galya Frayman Molinas


    Coca Cola Company Turkey

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Hakan Binbaşgil



  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Humphrey Hutton


    Deloitte Turkey

  • Founding Member 

    Hurşit Zorlu


    Anadolu Endustri Holding

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Murat Özyeğin

    Board Member

    Fiba Holding

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Ömer Yüngül


    Zorlu Holding

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Sani Şener


    TAV Holding

  • Founding Member 

    Serra Akçaoğlu


    Citibank Turkey

  • Founding Member 

    Members image

    Zeynep Bodur


    Kale Group

  • Member 

    Members image

    Arzu Ünal Erman


    Young&Rubicam Brands Istanbul

  • Member 

    Members image

    Ayşegül Aydın

    Country Leader

    Heidrick&Struggles Turkey

  • Member 

    Members image

    Ebru Dorman


    MV Holding

  • Member 

    Filiz Akdede


    HP Turkey

  • Member 

    Gamze Çuhadaroğlu


    Danone Turkey

  • Member 

    Members image

    Haydar Yenigün


    Ford Turkey

  • Member 

    Members image

    Murat Kolbaşı



  • Member 

    Members image

    Murat Yeşildere

    Country Leader

    Egon Zehnder

  • Member 

    Pelin Akın

    Board Member

    Akfen Holding

  • Member 

    Şükrü Buzluolcay



  • Member 

    Members image

    Burak Başarır


    Coca Cola İçecek

  • Member 

    Members image

    Murat Alsan


    KPMG Turkey

  • Member 

    Members image

    İhsan Gökşin Durusoy

    General Manager


  • Member 

    Members image

    Murat Kayman

    General Manager

    Akmerkez GYO

  • Member 

    Members image

    Serhan Gencer


    AK Enerji

  • Member 

    Members image

    Cengiz Taş

    General Manager

    Aksa Akrilik

  • Member 

    Murat Cetinkaya



  • Member 

    Members image

    Yesim Pinar Kitapci

    General Manager

    Koc Finans

  • Member 

    Tamer Saka


    Kibar Holding

  • Member 

    Enrique Jimenez

    General Manager

    Philip Morris Turkey

  • Member 

    Members image

    Metin Canogullari

    Country Head

    EY Turkey

  • Member 

    Members image

    Haluk Yalcin


    PWC Turkey

  • Member 

    Members image

    Nejat Caliskan

    General Manager

    Tetra Pak Turkey

Steering Committee


    committee's image

    Nicola Wakefield Evans

    Chair 30% Club Australia

    Lend Lease


    committee's image

    Patricia Cross

    Macquarie Group Limited


    committee's image

    Jillian Segal AM

    The Observerships Program


    committee's image

    Elizabeth Proust

    Australian Institute of Company Directors


    committee's image

    Margaret Jackson



    committee's image

    Cathy Walter AM

    Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited


    Jane Harvey

    DUET Finance Ltd


    committee's image

    Susan Oliver

    Simonds Homes Ltd


    committee's image

    Carmel Mortell



    committee's image

    Elizabeth Shaw

    President, UN Women Australia National Committee


    committee's image

    Melanie Willis

    Non Executive Director


    committee's image

    Katie Lahey

    Korn Ferry


    committee's image

    Rhian Richardson

    Executive 30% Club Australia



    committee's image

    Susan Roberts


    committee's image

    Jill Storey


Working groups

  • The Membership Committee

    Main aims

    The Membership Committee aims to grow the reach of 30% Club Turkey with a targeted approach to BIST companies, private companies and members of professional societies who currently have no female board members and actively engage with them to increase the impact of the initiative to ensure successful appointment of female directors.



    Group leader

    Ebru Köksal

    Board Member at MNT

  • Knowledge Resources Committee

    Main aims

    We are responsible for collecting data from reliable sources when the other working groups of 30% Club Turkey need, and accordingly we aim to share the needed information to business world and society.  



    Group leader

    Yeşim Özüm

    New Ventures Director

  • Communication and Media Committee

    Main aims

    The Communication and Media Committee is responsible for developing the communication strategy, approach and tools for the effective implementation of 30% Club’s Operational Plan in Turkey. The ultimate purpose of the committee is to increase  awareness about the 30% Club’s mission and encourage business leaders to join the Club.



    Group leader

    Aslı Alemdaroğlu

    Corporate Communications General Manager

  • Human Resource Policies Working Group

    Main aims

    Our group works on ensuring there is a strong pipeline of women talent coming up through the organization. As senior management positions which offer the pathway to the Board are filled by internal candidates, we want to make sure that internal talent pipeline is effectively delivering gender diversity. We work on policies and tools boosting this female talent pipeline. 



    Group leader

    İdil Türkmenoğlu

    Semra Akman sakman@borusan.com








  • Hilton Bankside Hotel, London

    The 30% Club is proud to partner with The Telegraph for their Women Mean Business Conference on 31 Ocotober 2018.
    The conference includes a top line-up of speakers including Brenda Trenowden CBE (Global Chair, 30% Club) and Helena Morrissey DBE (Founder, 30% Club)

    • Please see the full agenda here.
    • Tickets can be booked here.
    • To secure a 20% discount on tickets, please uses code: WMBTTC


    In support of The Telegraph’s major campaign, Women Mean Business; and in honour of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage,
    The Telegraph is hosting a grand finale event. They will be bringing the campaign to an audience of 300+, through a number of high
    profile keynote speakers, panels and on-stage interviews.

    The Women Mean Business Campaign launched in March 2018 with the signing of an open letter from 200 female founders and
    inspirational leaders. This was sent to the Government to address the lack of funding given to female founders (only 9% of VC

    The live event, taking place in London in October, will see female founders of established startups, corporate c-suite executives and
    government representatives convene to address the lack of funding for female entrepreneurs. The event will also discuss the gender
    pay gap, equal opportunities and celebrate women in business through live debates and panels.
    The event will take place on Wednesday October 31, at the Hilton Bankside Hotel. The event will be chaired by chaired by Telegraph
    journalists and Women Mean Business founders, Victoria Harper and Claire Cohen.

    Top speakers

    • Brenda Trenowden CBE, head of FIG Europe and global chair, 30% Club
    • Helena Morrissey DBE, head of personal investing, Legal & General Investment Management and founder, 30% Club 
    • Allison Pearson, author, columnist and chief interviewer, The Telegraph
    • Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, vice president EMEA, Facebook
    • Mary Portas, executive creative director, Portas
    • Mishal Husain, presenter
    • Touker Sulleyman, entrepreneur and investor on Dragon’s Den
    • Natalie Cummins, chief executive officer, Zenith Media
    • Clare Balding, broadcaster, BT Sport
    • Dr Ian Campbell, chief executive, Innovate UK
    • Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP, Minister for Women and Equalities


    • Workshops:Pitching, Investment, Mentoring, Hustling
    • Panel sessions
    • Keynote addresses: Nicola Mendelsohn, vice president EMEA, Facebook
    • Networking with VCs

    Hot topics for discussion

    • Is helping women in the workplace hindering men?
    • Exit strategies: when to leave the corporate world/ how to sell your company
    • Five steps to starting your idea and gaining investment
    • Closing the gender pay gap 
    • Is the discussion around inclusivity making men feel excluded?
    • Is the workplace losing out on a midlife workforce?
    • Identifying opportunities with investors to maximise funding opportunities and expertise to benefit female entrepreneurs
  • Kindly hosted by Warwick Business School, The Shard, London

  • Kindly hosted by Facebook, London

  • Milano LUISS hub for makers and students

    Can more women in your teams boost innovation?

    In conversation with Professor Londa Schiebinger (Stanford University)

    October 25th, 2018 | 9:00-11:00 am

    Milano LUISS hub for makers and students | Via M. D’Azeglio 3| Milano

  • Deloitte, Midrand

  • Cape Town


  • İstanbul,Turkey

    The progress achieved by the 30% Club Turkey, founded with the support of the Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum, was shared with the press and companies. The outcomes of the Roundtable held with all-men Executive Boards in October were discussed, and five leading executive search companies signed a joint code of conduct. 

    The voluntary code of conduct encourages the leading executive search companies active in Turkey to support the decision-makers of their clients in understanding and embracing the added value brought by gender diversity in executive boards and executive management.

    For further information about this event, please click here.

  • The Barbican, London

  • Royal Garden Hotel, London

    Supported by The 30% Club

    20% discount – see below*

    In October 2017 The Treasury Committee launched a new inquiry into Women in Finance focusing on HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter and the progress it has made. The Committee will seek to identify the barriers to women entering and progressing in the financial services industry and will examine the value to financial firms of having greater gender imbalance. It will also scrutinize the impact of Government and financial regulators as role models for good gender diversity practices.

    This high-profile forum builds on the success of the previous editions of the Women in Business and the Women in Finance summits, which both attracted 250+ senior delegates from across business, government and the regulatory community, both here and overseas.

    The conference will examine the role of the Government and financial regulators in addressing the imbalance of seniority between genders and determine what can be done to identify the barriers to women entering and progressing in the financial services sector.

    It will also review the progress made since the launch of the HM Treasury’s Charter and assess the impact the Charter has had on signatory companies, the benefits they are realising and the challenges the firms face in meeting their Charter commitments.

    Other topics include:

    • What is the UK Government’s strategy for ensuring that the potential of women in the boardroom and in the senior management of the financial services industry is being realised?
    • Enhancing female leadership, empowering productivity and harnessing the talents of women in financial services
    • Promoting “The Power of Equality” and moving towards closing “three Gs” – the participation gap, the remuneration gap and advancement gap
    • Gender Pay Regulations – what are the reports showing and what impact will they have on the financial services sector?
    • Aligning your passion with skill – what are the key components to a successful career in the financial services industry? Insights from successful women in the financial services world
    • What next? Moving forward and finding the ways to drive permanent and sustainable change across the financial services industry. Best practices to effectively engage men in implementation of your gender diversity programmes

    Join us and you will hear from and network with senior decision-makers in the FS industry:

    • Chairs, Chief Executives and other Board Directors
    • Female and male senior and middle management
    • Chairs, Chief Executives and senior female management in large private companies
    • Heads of HR, Remuneration, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Female business owners and entrepreneurs

    Speakers include:

    • Rt Hon Nicky Morgan, Chair, Treasury Select Committee, MP for Loughborough
    • Joanna Place, Chief Operating Officer, Bank of England
    • Megan Butler, Executive Director of Supervision – Investment, Wholesale and Specialists, Financial Conduct Authority
    • Hilary Spencer, Director, The Government Equalities Office
    • Brenda D.H. Trenowden CFA, Global Chair, 30% Club
    • Mary Macleod, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry, Former Member of Parliament & Government Adviser
    • Penny Miller, Partner, Simmons & Simmons LLP
    • Kate Guthrie, Group Human Resources Director, CYBG
    • Bob Wigley, Chairman, UK Finance
    • Vivienne Artz, Global Chief Privacy Officer, Thomson Reuters & President, Women in Banking and Finance
    • Huw Evans, Director General, ABI
    • Sarah Boddey, Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, EMEA & APAC, Northern Trust
    • Janet Cooper OBE, Partner, Tapestry Compliance LLP
    • Maria-Angélica Latorre, Global Head of Channel Management, IPC Systems
    • Mark Freed, CEO, E2W
    • Marieke Flament, Managing Director for Europe, Circle
    • Kate Grussing, Founder and Managing Director, Sapphire Partners
    • Denis Woulfe, Co-Chair, Men as Change Agents
    • Colin Passmore, Senior Partner, Simmons & Simmons LLP
    • Janet Thomas, Managing Director, Infinity Capital Partners



    £495.00 + VAT: £396.00 + VAT with code below.


    Book online at: www.cityandfinancialconferences.com/womeninfinance2018 (use code above)

    Email: bookings@cityandfinancial.com (quote code above)

    Call: +44 (0)1932 340115 (quote code above)

  • High Commission of Australia, London

    The 30% Club is delighted to support the OMFIF Gender Balance Index Launch (see further detail below)

    If you'd like to register for the London event, please do so via this link
    If you'd like to register for the Singapore event, please do so via this link.

    The annual Gender Balance Index tracks the presence of men and women in senior positions of public financial institutions globally, weighted by seniority.

    The 2017 report focused on central banks, showing that the sector is highly unbalanced when it comes to gender, with the disequilibrium becoming worse. The value of the overall index, which aggregates the performance of individual institutions weighted by their country's share of the global economy, stood at 30.6% in 2017 – a far cry from the 100% that would suggest a perfectly gender-balanced picture. 

    The 2018 edition of the Gender Balance Index expands the analysis to sovereign funds and public pension funds. We invite you to attend the launch of the 2018 findings which will be presented in both London and Singapore. Speakers include: Catherine Bradley, board member at the UK Financial Conduct Authority; Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn, director general of economics and international relations, Banque de France; Jorgovanka Tabaković, governor, National Bank of Serbia; and Anna Trzecińska, deputy president of Narodowy Bank Polski. 

    Date: Wednesday 7 March, 17:30 GMT
    The High Commission of Australia
    Strand, London
    WC2B 4LA

    Date: Wednesday 7 March, 16:00 SST
    Singapore Exchange
    2 Shenton Way #02-02 SGX
    Centre 1, Singapore

  • Kindly hosted by MI5, London

  • Queen Elizabeth Centre, London

  • Kindly hosted by the London Stock Exchange

  • Central Hall Westminster, London


    • Welcome | Liz Dimmock, CEO, Women Ahead
    • Welcome | Brenda Trenowden, Global Chair, 30% Club
    • Welcome | Jayne Anne-Gahdia, Women in Finance Review, HM Treasury
    • Keynote | Dr. Michael Kimmel, “World’s Most Prominent Male Feminist”
    • Keynote and learning session | Kirk Vallis, Head of Creativity Development, Google
    • Panel discussion| Mentors and Mentees
  • Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Hotel



    The Financial Times & 30% Club invite you to join us for the next Women at the Top Summit - Transforming Leadership

    The 30% Club is delighted to announce that we will be partnering with the FT Women at the Top summit which returns in September to tackle one of the most complex challenges we face today: how to fix the gender imbalance in the top ranks of business in Britain and beyond.

    The composition of top UK management remains stubbornly uniform despite significant progress to make organisations more diverse and inclusive. The costs to companies and the economy of male dominated leadership are well documented. Yet many employers are still inadvertently turning away future leaders – male and female – by continuing business as usual.

    Join us to look at how leadership could be transformed over the next decade as the impact of policy changes becomes clear. Hear practical examples and insights from the most forward thinking business leaders, academics and policy makers tackling the gender imbalance and take part in action-focused debate to discover how you can effect change.

    We have negotiated a 15% discount only available to 30% Club members, a saving of £150 on a single ticket to this leading summit which can be activated by using the code 30CLUB when registering.  Further discounts are available for two or more bookings.

    Helena Morrissey CBE, 
    Founder, 30% Club; Head of Personal Investing, Legal & General Investment Management
    Laszlo Bock, CEO, Humu; former SVP of People Operations, Google
    Iris Bohnet, Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
    Laura Haynes, Chair, UN Women National Committee UK
    Turid Elisabeth Solvang, Founder and CEO, Future Boards
    Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Aviva

    For the latest updates on the agenda, and information on registration please visit the website here.

  • Savoy, London

    The 30% Club is partnering with HM Treasury and the Women in Finance Charter for this awards event.

    Of all the industries in which women are poorly represented at a senior level, finance and financial services have the biggest challenge to address.Despite making up more than half the finance workforce, women continue to dramatically lag behind their male counterparts in leadership roles.“Women account for 23 per cent of board members and just 14 per cent of executive committee members across UK-regulated financial services companies. But this is nowhere near ideal.”The Women in Finance Awards is the finance industry’s largest diversity initiative, recognising the high-achievers, advocates, and role models for women in the sector.  Organised by GrowthBusiness.co.uk and What Investment magazine, we aspire to see gender balance at all levels in the world of finance. This isn’t just a matter of corporate responsibility; it’s a matter of national urgency.The event will bring together key stakeholders to raise awareness of the sector’s diversity problem, further the gender balance agenda, as well as to celebrate inclusion, leadership and finance excellence.The lack of women in this sector is already taking toll on financial institutions, and the time to address this is now. Join us on 29th June 2017 for an evening of celebration and dialogue at the inaugural edition of the Women in Finance Awards.  

    Nominations for the 2017 Women in Finance Awards will close on 28 February 2017.
    The Women in Finance Awards is open to advocates, supporters, and achievers in the world of finance, actively bridging the diversity gap in the sector. But for this initiative to be a resounding a success, we need to know who you believe the women and advocates that deserve recognition are.
    So we urge you to nominate someone – a colleague, partner, client, friend, whomever in finance – you feel should be celebrated on this very special evening.
    The judges will convene two weeks before the awards ceremony to review all of the shortlisted nominations. They will decide the winners based on written submissions, supporting materials and video assets, so please include as much information as possible within the word limit. Whether you’re nominating yourself, or someone you believe should win, please fill out the nomination form using the criteria (accessible via the link below) of the category most relevant to your entry. Remember, the judges will refer to each criteria to guide their decisions, so shape your entry accordingly. Each written submission should be at least 600 words and a maximum of 1,000 words. There is no cost to nominate, and you can enter as many categories as you wish.

    To nominate and for event information, please see more detail here.

  • Kindly hosted by Bloomberg, London

  • Kindly hosted by Standard Life, London

  • Australia House, London

    The 30% Club is partnering with the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) to launch their Global Public Investor Gender Balance Index on the 8th March in honour of International Women’s Day. The index tracks the balance between men and women in senior positions of central banks around the world.

    Australia House
    The Strand
    8.15am - 10.30am

    Sandra Boss, Independent Director, Prudential Regulation Authority Board, Bank of England
    Joanna Place, Executive Director, Human Resources, Bank of England
    Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser, Centre for Economics and Business Research
    Anna Stupnytska, Blobal Economist -  Multi-Asset, Fidelity International
    Sam Reinhardt, Minister-Counsellor (Economic), Australian Treasury

    Please see further detail and register here (attendance is free of charge)

  • Bloomberg, London

    A One-Day Conference on 24th January 2017.

    30% Club is partnering with City and Financial Global for this event.
    30% Club Steering Committee members Helena Morrissey, Melanie Richards and Sarah Morris will join a stellar speaker line-up.

    20% discount – see below

    This conference will review the practical aspects of implementing HM Treasury’s Charter on Women in Finance Services, as well as promote effective corporate strategies for creating gender diversity at all levels of leadership. Its interactive format will offer attendees an opportunity to have a diverse and well-informed dialogue about the progression of women into senior roles in the financial services sector by focusing on the executive pipeline and the mid-tier level.

    Exclusive speaker line-up includes:

    • Simon Kirby MP, Economic Secretary, HM Treasury
    • Jayne-Anne Gadhia, CEO, Virgin Money
    • Amanda Pullinger, CEO, 100 Women in Finance
    • Elin Hurvenes, Founder & Chair, Professional Boards Forum AS
    • Janet Thomas, President, WIBF
    • Helena Morrissey CBE, Chair, Newton, Chair of The Investment Association (IA) and Founder 30% Club
    • Simon Lewis OBE, CEO, AFME
    • Huw Evans, Director General, ABI
    • Megan Butler, Director of Supervision – Investment, Wholesale and Specialist, & Member of The Executive Committee, FCA
    • Carolanne Minashi, Managing Director & Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, UBS
    • Angela Sun, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development, Bloomberg
    • Sarah Morris, Group Chief People Officer, Aviva
    • Melanie Richards, A Founder Member, The 30 % Club Steering Committee & Vice Chair, KPMG
    • Marjorie Strachan, Global Head of Inclusion, RBS
    • Jacqueline de Rojas, President, Tech UK & Executive Vice President Northern Europe, Sage
    • Claire Cockerton, CEO, Plexal
    • Diane Côté, Group Chief Risk Officer, London Stock Exchange Group
    • Vivienne Artz, Managing Director, Citigroup, Co-Chair and Steering Committee, City Women Network London & Champion for Women, The 19th Women in Banking and Finance and Finance Awards for Achievement
    • Kate Grussing, Managing Director, Sapphire Partners
    • Anna Janczak, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Prudential
    • Susanne Chishti, CEO & Founder, FINTECH Circle
    • Heather Jackson, Founder & Chair An Inspirational Journey; Boards Trustee, Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion
    • Laura Bailey, CEO & Co-Founder, Zerado & Women in Fintech 2016 Powerlist

    Key topics are:

    • What is the UK Government’s strategy for ensuring that the potential of women in the boardroom and in the senior management of the financial services industry is being realised?
    • Enhancing female leadership, empowering productivity and harnessing the talents of women in financial services                                
    • Reviewing European approaches to tackle the underrepresentation of women at the top of regional businesses
    • Forging the path to greater diversity. Is your firm’s diversity programme making an essential contribution to the career progression of women in your organisation? How will Brexit affect gender diversity in the City?
    • Creating a framework in your company for successful delivery of your women’s talent strategy: key considerations for the financial services sector
    • What are the key components to a successful career in the financial services industry? Insights from successful women in the financial services world

    As demand for attendance at the event is likely to be high, early booking is recommended.
    The full event programme and confirmed speakers can be viewed on the event website by clicking the link below.


    • Delegate Fee: £595 + VAT. Discounted fee with code: £476.00 + VAT
    • Use code WIF1-30% at the submit payment stage if booking online or email bookings@cityandfinancial.com or telephone +44 (0) 1932 340115 quoting the code in either instance.
    • Website: (includes speaker list, programme, registration fees etc.) https://www.cityandfinancialconferences.com/womeninfinance2017

    Should you experience any difficulties or have any queries relating to the event please contact Paul Hooper on 01932 340115, or email phooper@cityandfinancial.com.

  • Hosted by ICAEW, London

    Women Returners is a UK consulting, coaching and network organisation which enables professional women to return to work after an extended break, and  the pioneer of UK ‘returnship’ programmes. They have launched the first Women Returners Conference which will be held in Central London on 14th November 2016. It will be a day of inspiration, advice and support, specifically designed for returners to the workplace. Alongside a range of workshops, panels and speaker sessions, there will be a variety of networking opportunities with like-minded peers and corporate sponsor organisations. The Conference is hosted by the ICAEW and supported by the 30% Club, with Credit Suisse, Skanska, O2 and PwC as lead sponsors. The event is relevant to returners across sectors: finance, law, tech, engineering, marketing, retail or any other professional area. Keynote speakers are Brenda Trenowden, Global Chair of 30% Club, Jane Garvey, Presenter of Woman’s Hour,  and Julianne Miles, Co-Founder & MD of Women Returners. For more information see Women Returners Conference or contact Julianne on info@womenreturners.com. If any organisations are interested in attracting the relatively untapped talent pool of women on career break, opportunities are available to sponsor the Conference.

  • Loughborough University, Loughborough

  • Kindly hosted by London Stock Exchange, London

  • Central Hall Westminster, London

    Event details:
    Time | 4.30pm – 8.30pm

    Draft Agenda
    4.30pm – Arrival and registration
    5.00pm – Welcome, Brenda Trenowden, 30% Club Global Chair
    5.20pm – Keynote, Helena Morrissey, 30% Club Founder
    5.40pm –30% Club Programme overview, Rebecca Davies, Managing Partner Women Ahead
    5.50pm – Mentor and mentee panel, Women Ahead
    6.20pm – Closing comments/scholarship awards
    6.30pm – 8.30pm – Drinks and networking with special keynote talk

  • St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London

    The 30% Club is partnering with The Financial Times on its Women at the Top summit which aims to advance the debate on improving gender balance in business and give new impetus to the movement, drawing on the day’s discussions to lay out ways for participants to change their organisations. hrough practical examples, insight from business leaders and interactive dialogue, the summit will address the hurdles companies face as they seek to develop their most talented leaders, regardless of gender. Speakers and panellists will examine and debate issues including changing career structures, how to address the leaking employee pipeline, how to tackle unconscious bias and the characteristics that will define tomorrow’s leaders. Some of the speakers include: Helena MorrisseyFounder, 30% Club & Chair, Newton Investment Management; Heather McGregorFounding Member, 30% Club Steering Commmittee & Managing Director, Taylor Bennett; Justine Greening, Secretary of State for education and Minister for Women and Equality; Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, European Commission; Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive Officer, BT; Charlotte Hogg, Deputy Governor and Chief Operating Officer, Bank of England; Monica Lewinsky,Social Activist and many more. 
    Book your tickets for £1,500 + VAT to attend - 30% Club Members are eligible for a 15% discount code: please email Francoise Higson

  • Kindly hosted by KPMG, London

    In 2015, the Davies Review put forward its closing recommendations and suggested that cross-sector appointments could help to improve the gender and professional diversity of boards. The latest data from Cranfield University’s Female FTSE Report 2016 shows that while the percentage of women on FTSE 100 boards has increased to 26% and to 20.4% on the FTSE 250 boards this year, the percentage of new appointments going to women over the past six months is only 24.7%. This is the lowest since September 2011.

    Better gender diversity at board level is a priority for UK businesses and universities. While both sectors have made big improvements, there is much more to be done. So far there has been little research into the exchange of board-level talent between businesses and academia. In response, KPMG and the 30% Club commissioned Professor Simonetta Manfredi, Director of the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice at Oxford Brookes University, to conduct a study into this issue.

    Professor Simonetta Manfredi will be presenting the compelling findings of this report at this event kindly hosted by KPMG. This will be followed by a panel discussion, where Simonetta will be joined by business leaders including Anne Richards, Chief Executive Officer at M&G Group PLC.

  • Kindly hosted by Somerset House, London

  • Kindly hosted by Salesforce Tower, London

    Salesforce, 30% Club, Heidrick & Struggles and TechUK invite you to a discussion about Leadership in the Technology Sector.
    We will be joined by a panel of speakers to discuss trailblazing women who have developed their career in the Technology sector and share insights about inspiring leadership talent. Places are limited, so please register here to reserve your space.

    Tuesday 27th September 2016
    17:30 Arrival & Networking
    18:00 Panel Session
    19:00 Networking
    20:00 Close
    Salesforce Tower
    110 Bishopgsgate
    London EC2N 4AY
    Dress Code
    Business Attire

  • Kindly hosted by Rothschild, London

  • Kindly hosted by the LTA, Roehampton

    Theme: Geraint Thomas will be delivering a session on personal brand.

  • Milton Court, Barbican

  • Kindly hosted by Deloitte, London

  • Kindly hosted by BDO, London

    Theme: tbc

  • Kindly hosted by the Canary Wharf Group at its fintech accelerator, ‘Level39’.

  • Kindly hosted by EY, London

    Theme: tbc

  • Kindly hosted by HSBC, London

  • Copthorne Tara Hotel, London Kensington

    Conference Dates: 14 - 15 March 2016
    Conference Title: Business empowerment, leadership and career advancement for women leaders, managers and next-generation leaders
    Speakers: 30% Club Steering Committee members speaking at the conference include Brenda Trenowden, Melanie Richards, Caroline Carr, Melissa Di Donato and Niamh Corbett.
    Registration: for further details and to register please click here
    Please note that an additional 10% discount on top of the Early Bird discount is availabole to 30% Club Members - please email  info@30percentclub.org to request the discount code.

  • Kindly hosted by Slaughter & May, London

    ​Theme: tbc

  • Kindly hosted by KPMG, London

  • Kindly hosted by HSBC, London

  • Kindly hosted by Freshfields, London

    Theme: Ego & Eco Intelligence
    Keynote speaker: Sharon Oliver – Ashridge Executive Education. Sharon holds an MA in Organisational Psychology. Her key areas of specialisation include: Developing internal resourcefulness, Managing emotional diet, Building HR capacity, Managing polarities, Discovering success DNA, Mindfulness, EQ and SQ, The Levity effect (fun and Laughter at work), Heart Intelligence, Women in Global Leadership. She is a Master Practitioner in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

    Rather than feeling that leaders have to have all the answers, and directing things from the outside through command and control, using their own ego strength and energy (ego-intelligent leaders), eco-intelligent leaders see themselves as catalysts within an inter-dependent eco-system. Sharon’s talk will explore how leaders can bring eco-intelligence to bear on their day-to-day work and create self-sustaining eco-systems where staff can find higher levels of self- expression and purpose.


  • The University Women's Club, London

  • Kindly hosted by Bloomberg, London

  • Kindly hosted by Linklaters, London

    Keynote speaker: Kathy Harvey - Director of Executive Degree Programmes and Executive MBA Director at Saïd Business School. Kathy was previously responsible for the design and development of postgraduate diplomas and open enrolment programmes within Executive Education, including an innovative Management Acceleration Programme for mid-career managers. She teaches crisis and stakeholder management and coaches participants.
    Kathy has over twenty years' experience of working for leading international organisations. Before joining Saïd Business School she worked as a journalist and consultant, coaching senior executives and leading the strategic development of executive programmes for managers across the private and public sectors. Her clients include investment banks, NHS trusts, government departments and professional associations.Kathy began her career working for the BBC as both a producer and reporter. She spent six years as a political correspondent, interviewing many leading political figures from Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Brown, to Nelson Mandela and Gerry Adams. She has also worked as a commissioning editor for a UK national newspaper and has written for the Sunday Times, Financial Times and a variety of specialist publications.
    Theme: Networks and the ways in which we can create successful networks as a means of extending our influence and enhancing organisational effectiveness. Kathy will examine the ways to avoid gaps in all our networks and will offer the chance to think afresh about how to reach across boundaries to build lasting and powerful alliances.


  • Kindly hosted by Linklaters, London

    Keynote speaker: Kathy Harvey - Director of Executive Degree Programmes and Executive MBA Director at Saïd Business School. Kathy was previously responsible for the design and development of postgraduate diplomas and open enrolment programmes within Executive Education, including an innovative Management Acceleration Programme for mid-career managers. She teaches crisis and stakeholder management and coaches participants.
    Kathy has over twenty years' experience of working for leading international organisations. Before joining Saïd Business School she worked as a journalist and consultant, coaching senior executives and leading the strategic development of executive programmes for managers across the private and public sectors. Her clients include investment banks, NHS trusts, government departments and professional associations.Kathy began her career working for the BBC as both a producer and reporter. She spent six years as a political correspondent, interviewing many leading political figures from Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Brown, to Nelson Mandela and Gerry Adams. She has also worked as a commissioning editor for a UK national newspaper and has written for the Sunday Times, Financial Times and a variety of specialist publications.
    ​Theme: Networks and the ways in which we can create successful networks as a means of extending our influence and enhancing organisational effectiveness. Kathy will examine the ways to avoid gaps in all our networks and will offer the chance to think afresh about how to reach across boundaries to build lasting and powerful alliances.

  • Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

  • Kindly hosted by Oliver Wyman, London

    Theme: Getting Things Done
    Keynote speaker: Judy Goldberg, Design and Delivery lead at Women Ahead and is a mentee masterclass on how to create space for your mentoring meetings, using the ground-breaking methodology Getting Things Done.

  • The University Women's Club, London

  • Milton Court, Barbican

  • Milton Court, Barbican

  • Kindly hosted by Reed Smith, London

    Lord Browne and Carolyn McCall will be discussing the challenges shared by female and LGBT executives on their leadership journeys. Former chief executive of BP and author of The Glass Closet, Lord Browne has become a key figure in making the business case for LGBT inclusion and as CEO of easyJet, Carolyn McCall is currently one of only six female CEOs of a FTSE100 company. The discussion will be facilitated by Paul Brand, Political Correspondent, ITV News.

  • Kindly hosted by EY, London

  • Kindly hosted by Deloitte, London

    ​For a copy of the event programme please click here. To view the short 30% Club film that was featured please click here.

  • The University Women's Club, London

  • Kindly hosted by J Stern & Co, London

  • The University Women's Club, London

  • Ham Yard Hotel, London

    Click here for event details.

  • Kindly hosted by Newton Investement Management, London

  • KPMG, London

  • Cambridge University, Cambridge

    Announcement of Student Aspiration Survey pilot results, please click here for a copy of the report.

  • 8 Northumberland Avenue, London

    Keynote speaker: Patsy Rodenberg, OBE

  • Said University, Oxford

  • London

  • Four Seasons Hotel - DIFC

    Leading change - The future of Women in Finance event, supported by the 30% Club GCC, is taking place on 1st March 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel DIFC. 

    We invite you to attend the event where you will hear from leading industry professionals on how the region is currently positioned in relation to women in finance along with gaining further insights on the future of women in finance in the Middle East and the imperative role that you can play to continue leading this change. 

    Speakers include ( 30% Club GCC Chair and Steerco Members):

    •  - Cynthia Corby, ACCA Member and Partner at Deloitte Middle East
    •  - Dr. Ashraf Gamaleldin, CEO of Hawkamah

    Register Now to book your place at this event.

    Please RSVP to: eventme@accaglobal.com

  • Dubai

    30% Club GCC in collaboration with the Edinburgh Business School, will host an event featuring renowned speaker and academic, Professor Heather McGregor CBE; Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School, co-founder of the 30% Club, author and broadcaster, and wrote under the pseudonym Mrs Moneypenny in the Financial Times for seventeen years.

    A champion of diversity in the workplace, Professor McGregor inspires women to set personal goals, take the next step to control their own fate, and change the future.  

  • Bloomberg, Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC, Dubai

    The 30% Club GCC are organizing a "Volunteer and Working Groups Meet & Greet" session on June 20th, 2017 at Bloomberg premises, Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC from 16:00 - 18:00.  As we are growing in numbers this would be a great chance to bring everyone together under one roof and plan for the second half of the year, before we all break away for the summer. The primary objective of the meet up is to provide everyone with:

    • an opportunity to meet face to face 
    • understand the organizational structure of the 30% club 
    • review and re-align the objectives of the different working groups and 
    • allocate volunteers to the different working groups based on personal interest. 

    For those of you who have expressed their interest in volunteering and wish to attend the event please send an email to: bindu@mindfulme.me confirming your attendance, so that we facilitate the space accordingly. We hope you can make it and look forward to meeting you soon. 

  • The Capital Club, DIFC, Dubai

    Susan Gilchrist, Group Chief Executive of Brunswick, Invites you to the Women in Leadership Breakfast Event.

    An Introduction will also be provided by Farah Foustok, co-founder of the 30% Club GCC. 


    Please RSVP to gulfevents@brunswickgroup.com

  • Dubai

    30% Club GCC & Bloomberg invite you to join a conversation on business leaders driving change.

    Sunday, September 25th, 2016. 
    9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

    Bloomberg Dubai Office, DIFC, Al Fattan Currency House Level 10.

    Please RSVP to Catie Faison 30percent@bloomberg.net

    (Limited Spaces Available)

  • Four Seasons Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Dubai

    The GCC Chapter of The 30% Club Powers Arabian Business Forum on gender diversity

    Dubai, UAE- 24 May 2016: Business leaders across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries today took part in The 13th Arabian Business Forum, in association with the 30% Club GCC Chapter, a global business-led initiative committed to achieving better gender representation in senior leadership positions of organisations.

    Lubna Qassim, Executive Vice President, Group Company Secretary and group General Counsel of Emirates NBD and Founding Chair of the GCC Chapter of the 30% Club, opened the conference with a keynote speech on diversity and the 30% Club GCC Chapter.

    Ghassan Turqieh, Consulting Partner and human capital leader at Deloitte in the Middle East delivered a presentation entitled: ‘View from the top: What business executives really think about women leaders in the GCC’ in which he discussed the key findings of a GCC study conducted by Deloitte in collaboration with the 30% Club GCC.

    “We are honoured to be associated with this important event,” said Raeda AlSarayreh, Director of Corporate Affairs at CH2M MENAI and Steering Committee member of the 30% Club GCC. “We are continuously working together to support the efforts of GCC governments and companies to increase women’s participation in the workforce in the belief that gender balance on boards further contributes to improved board performance.”

    Other eminent speakers from the 30% Club GCC included Hoda Abou Jamra, Founding Partner, TVM Capital Healthcare Partners and Catherine Beckett, Partner, Dentons, among other to discuss an array of topics including  how to encourage greater female entrepreneurship in the Gulf.

    To learn more about the 30% Club GCC and how your firm can support this initiative, please contact: info@30percentclubGCC.org

    View from the Top - A GCC study conducted by Deloitte in association with the 30% Club GCC Chapter, was released at the Arabian Business Women's Forum on 24th May 2016. Please download the report here.

  • Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

  • Dubai

  • Dubai

  • Microsoft Milano

  • Assolombarda

    Click to download the event program.

  • Senato della Repubblica - Palazzo Giustiniani

    Click to download the event program.

  • NH Hotel President, Largo Augusto, 10 Milan

  • Catalyst is recognized with the Distinction Award from Brescia University College for their work and impact in advancing women in the workplace.
  • As we get set to mark International Women’s Day, it’s an opportunity to take stock of where we are, celebrate accomplishments and commit to #PressforProgress. And that’s what we did today at our IWD 2018 #PressForProgress event with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Read More 

    French Version

  • Held at University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management, our 2018 International Womens Day event gathered investors, not-for-profits, corporations, government and academia together to celebrate the growing movement of advocacy, activism and positive change towards gender parity. Read More

  • NATIONAL’s Halifax office recently hosted a breakfast event with Brenda Trenowden, Head of Financial Institutions, Europe, ANZ Bank and Global Chair of the 30% Club. The event featured a riveting discussion between Brenda and Sarah Young, the Managing Partner of our Atlantic offices who also leads the Firm’s Talent Working Group, as well as a series of questions from the audience which was comprised of regional business leaders. 

    To read the full article click here. 

  • The 30% Club and CIBC hosting SODEXO’s research launch, at CIBC Toronto

    To read about the event, click here.

  • Desautels Hall, Rotman School of Management, U of Toronto, 105 St George Street

    The #GoSponsorHer Campaign asks top executives to name a woman they will help support publicly.  John Stackhouse will lead an on-stage conversation about the Campaign with two Co-Founders of #GoSponsorHer and some sponsors and sponsorees.  The group will also discuss their advice for sponsorship success.

    Date: Wednesday March 08, 2017 || 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

    Ikram Al Mouaswas, Partner - Audit, Deloitte Canada
    Megan Anderson, Consultant, McKinsey & Co. and Co-Founder, #GoSponsorHer
    Kirstine Stewart, Chief Strategy Officer, Diply
    Laura McGee, Consultant, McKinsey & Co. and Co-Founder, #GoSponsorHer
    Bruce Simpson, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.
    Mark Wiseman, Senior Managing Director, BlackRock
    Miyo Yamashita, Managing Partner, Talent, Deloitte Canada

    Moderator: John Stackhouse, Senior Vice-President - Office of the CEO, RBC

    To read about the event, click here

  • Desautels Hall, Rotman School of Management, U of Toronto, 105 St George Street

    Family Enterprise contributes an estimated 60% of Canada’s GDP. Globally, that number may be as high as 90%. Meanwhile, large publicly-listed corporations continue to garner the majority of attention when it comes to high-profile management discussions such as corporate governance, leadership and diversity. At this conference, we shift our focus to Family Enterprises in order to explore their successes at developing female leaders in senior positions.

    Date: Tuesday March 07, 2017 || 8:45 AM - 3:00 PM

    Kim Eddleston, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation & Daniel and Dorothy Grady Faculty Fellow, D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University
    Tina Lee, CEO, T&T Supermarkets Inc.
    Tiziana Casciaro, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Rotman & Professor in Leadership Development, U of T
    Geoff Smith, CEO, EllisDon Construction and Building Services
    Beatrix Dart, Professor of Strategy & Executive Director, Initiative for Women in Business @ Rotman
    Heather Partridge, Principal and Director, Wescan Capital Inc. 
    Margaret Hudson, President, Burnbrae Farms Ltd.
    Jennifer Wilson, Chief Financial Officer, AIL Group of Companies

    Register Now >>

  • La Maison symphonique de Montréal

    La création de valeur par la diversité : la diversité pour favoriser une meilleure prise de décision dans les conseils d’administration

    Neil Bruce, Président et chef de la direction, SNC-Lavalin
    Isabelle Courville, Présidente du conseil, Banque Laurentienne
    Victor G. Dodid, Président et chef de la direction, Banque CIBC et président du conseil, 30% Club Canada

    Joignez-vous à des chefs d’entreprise canadiens et montréalais intéressés à explorer les occasions qui émergent grâce à la diversité alors que Neil Bruce, Isabelle Courville et Victor G. Dodig discuteront de la façon dont la diversité dans les conseils d’administration favorise une meilleure prise de décision, au profit des diverses parties prenantes.


    Le mardi 20 septembre 2016, de 17 h 30 à 20 h 30
    La Maison symphonique de Montréal, Place des Arts, Foyers Parterre et Allegro 
    1600, rue Saint-Urbain, Montréal

    Vous pouvez voir l’emplacement et réserver votre place de stationnement en ligne.
    Veuillez confirmer votre présence avant le 6 septembre. 
    Un cocktail sera servi avant le panel de discussion et une table ronde.


    Growing the Diversity Dividend: Diversity for Better Decision-Making in the Boardroom

    Neil Bruce, President & CEO of SNC-Lavalin
    Isabelle Courville, Chair of the Board of the Laurentian Bank
    Victor G. Dodig, President & CEO of CIBC and Chair of 30% Club Canada

    Join Canadian and Montreal business leaders interested in exploring the opportunities that emerge through diversity as Neil Bruce, Isabelle Courville and Victor G. Dodig, discuss how diversity in the boardroom enables better decision-making, benefiting multiple stakeholders. 

    Register Now >>

    Tuesday, September 20, 2016 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
    La Maison symphonique de Montréal, Place des Arts Foyers Parterre and Allegro 
    1600, Saint-Urbain Street, Montréal
    You may see the location and reserve your indoor parking space online.
    RSVP before September 6.
    There will be cocktails before a panel discussion and round table.


  • Rotman School of Management, Toronto

    Victor G. Dodig, President and CEO of CIBC & Chair of 30% Club Canada and Peter T. Grauer, Executive Chairman of Bloomberg & Founding Chairman of U.S. 30% Club invite you to join a conversation on

    Growing the Diversity Dividend: The 30% Club Advantage
    Join Canadian business leaders interested in exploring the opportunities that emerge through gender diversity as Peter T. Grauer and Victor G. Dodig, share experiences, roadblocks, key learnings and advice on what senior leaders can do to achieve gender diversity across all levels within organizations.

    Event Details
    Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 7:30 am – 9:30 am
    Desautels Hall at the Rotman School of Management
    105 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario
    Register here >>

  • Hyatt Regency, Calgary

    Research has documented and experience has confirmed that men have a critical role to play in creating inclusive workplaces and accelerating progress for women. 

    Join Catalyst and KPMG for a panel discussion with male executives who are championing change:

    • Bill Thomas, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner - KPMG in Canada and Chair - KPMG's Americas Region, Catalyst Canada Advisory Board Member
    • Victor Dodig, President and CEO, CIBC, Catalyst Canada Advisory Board Member and Chair, 30% Club Canada
    • Moderated by Deborah Gillis, President and CEO, Catalyst

    Many men are unfamiliar with how gender gaps in opportunity, pay, and advancement hurt them, too, both as leaders of companies and as members of families and communities.Organizations must enlist these men, in partnership with women, to work together as allies in changing the organizational norms and structures that perpetuate gender gaps.

    This event is especially targeted to male senior executives, Chief Human Resources Officers, and Chief Diversity Officerswho are seeking strategies for leveraging all talent in the workplace and advice about the most effective ways for women and men to partner together in ending gender inequalities at work.

    Event Details
    Thursday, 2 June 2016 from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM (MDT)

    Hyatt Regency - 700 Centre Street SE , Calgary, AB
    Register here by May 26, 2016. No fee - all are welcome. Space is limited, and early registration is highly recommended. Please direct any questions to Joanna Harper at jharper@catalyst.org.

    Sponsored by

  • The Rotman School of Management, Toronto



    The 30% Club Canada, Catalyst, Initiative for Women in Business, and IWF Canada invites you to celebrate International Women's Day and join the conversation: The Diversity Dividend.

    Victor G. Dodig
    , President and CEO, CIBC
    Howard Wetston, former chairman and CEO of the Ontario Securities Commission
    Alex Johnston, former Executive Director, Catalyst Canada
    Moderated by Prof. Beatrix Dart, Executive Director, Initiative for Women in Business  

    Event Details
    Tuesday, March 8, 2016

    7:30 am – 8:00 am Registration & Breakfast  |  8:00 am – 9:00 am Panel Discussion
    Rotman School of Management, Desautels Hall  
    105 St George St, 2nd Floor ‐ South Building, Toronto
    Register here by March 7, 2016 at 4:00 pm. No fee - all are welcome. Pre-registration online is mandatory.

    Sponsored by

  • The Rotman School of Management, Toronto.

  • KPMG, Toronto

  • Webinar

    ​To listen to the webinar, click here

  • PwC, Midrand

  • FNB, Cape Town

  • Liberty, Braamfontein

  • The Blue Wing, Northgate

    See www.genderawards.co.za


    Call for Entries - click here

  • FNB, Fairland

  • FNB, Cape Town

    For details click here

    Profle of Professor Shirley Zinn

  • Webber Wentzel, Sandton

  • The Equinox, Sandton

  • Citi, Sandton

    This is to share best practice in gender mainstreaming across our 30% Club members and potential members.

  • Nedbank Private Wealth

    For details click here

  • Bidvest Bank, KZN

    For an overview of the Board Walk, click here.  For further details please click here.  ​For a photo gallery of previous Board Walk events, please click here

  • FNB, Durban

  • FNB, Durban

  • T-Systems, South Africa

    ​For a photo gallery of the 2015 dinner please click here

    For a photo gallery of the 2016 dinner please click here

  • The Edge

  • Star2 The Star

  • World Bank Publication Issue 4


    Women on Boards in Malaysia
    Using firm-level data for 806 public-listed companies in Malaysia, we highlight the extent of women’s participation as board members in Malaysia benchmarked against other countries. How this women’s participation varies by industry and firm-size is considered, along with its potential impact on the company’s performance. About 13 percent of the board positions in Malaysia filled by women and the rest by men in 2017. Moreover, the trend over the last four years reveals a slow pace of increase in the proportion of women board members. The largest 100 firms and some industries such as finance show a greater tendency to have female vs. male board members. The profit rate is significantly positively correlated with proportionately more female board members in a firm, suggesting a “business case” for more women on the boards.
    Mohammad Amin and Mei Ling Tan

  • The Star

  • PwC Malaysia, Jalan Rakyat, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

  • Securities Commission Malaysia

  • Securities Commission Malaysia Media Statement

  • Business Times

  • The Star

  • StarBiz

  • Impiana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

  • Malaysian Business

  • Securities Commission Malaysia

  • Focus Malaysia

  • The Star

  • InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur

  • Securities Commission Malaysia

  • The Star

  • The Star Nation

  • BERNAMA TV-Malaysia National News Agency

  • Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre


    Themed “Women – Driving Energy Liberalisation”, the forum will discuss involvement of women in the energy sector and role of women in driving energy market liberalisation.

    The forum is hosted by OGA 2017 and is supported by the 30% Club, an organization promoting gender diversity in boardrooms.
    OGA 2017 is the 16th Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition to be held from 11 to 13 July at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. 

  • Hilton Kuala Lumpur


    30% Club Malaysia Boardroom Luncheon
    In conjunction with
    Launch of Board Mentoring Pilot Scheme


  • Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur


    International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN)

  • Host : Securities Commission Malaysia

  • New Straits Times | Business

  • Museum Theatrette, Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur

    Presentation of Women, Business & the Law (Prosperity by Improving Women's Rights)

    Panel Discussion 

    Ms. Siobhan Das, Executive Director of American & Malaysian Chamber of Commerce 

    Ms. Anne Abraham, co-founder of 30% Club Malaysia Chapter

    Mr. Augusto Lopez Claros  

  • Securities Commission Malaysia Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia https://www.sc.com.my/en/

  • Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia Restaurant


    Guest of Honour and Speakers :-
    Victoria Kwakwa  Vice President for the East Asia and Pacific since April 15, 2016.Ms. Kwakwa leads the World Bank’s strategy in East Asia Pacific.https://twitter.com/30percentclub_m/status/860676634306674688

    Tan Sri Zeti Dato' Akhtar , Past Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia

    Tan Sri (Dr) Mohd Sidek Hassan, Petronas Chairman

    Tan Sri Rebecca Sta Maria, Former Sec-Gen of Ministry of Interntional Trade & Industry

  • Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad Boardroom Level 23, Bank Pembangunan Malaysian Berhad

  • BERNAMA, Astro Awani Business


    30% Club Founding Chair, Megat paves way for Maybank's first woman chairman https://t.co/4QDmIuJVGB via @501awani

    — 30% Club Malaysia (@30percentclub_m) March 2, 2017 ">On April 1, 2017, Datuk Mohaiyani Shamsudin will become the first woman chairman to helm the main-board of Maybank which is the country's largest public-listed company.http://

  • New Straits Times


    30% Club Malaysia and Edinburgh Business School (EBS) The Graduate School of Business Heriot Watt University offers a  full MBA scholarship to Malaysian women only. Co-Founder of 30% Club UK and newly appointed Executive Dean at Edinburgh Business School, Professor Heather Mc Gregor was interviewed by New Straits Times before holding a career talk “Is accumulating human capital more important than building social capital ?

    30% Club Malaysia and Edinburgh Business School (EBS) The Graduate School of Business Heriot Watt University offers a  full MBA scholarship to Malaysian women only. Co-Founder of 30% Club UK and newly appointed Executive Dean at Edinburgh Business School, Professor Heather Mc Gregor was in Kuala Lumpur to talk about the scholarship and hold a career talk “Is accumulating human capital more important than building social capital ? 

  • Focus Malaysia Business Weekly

  • BERNAMA, Astro Awani, New Straits Times, The Star Business

  • The Malaysian Reserve

  • Nikkei Asian Review

  • New Straits Times

  • APEC Publications = APEC#216-PP-01.1



    This report presents the outcome of a survey that was undertaken to establish how women directors enhance corporate values in companies within the APEC region. The mechanism of improving corporate values through the appointment of women directors were demonstrated. Case studies were also conducted through interviews with leading companies in APEC (Canada; Japan; Korea; Malaysia; Mexico; the Philippines; and Viet Nam) that are considered to have achieved positive impact on growth through gender diversity. 

  • The Star Nation


    Rohani: More women in workforce vital for progress

    The Star Malaysia
    22 Nov 2016

    PETALING JAYA: There can be no developed Malaysia until the country is able to get women to realise their full potential and participate more effectively in the economic and social development of the nation, said Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim.

    Citing a study by the 2016 Peterson Institute for National Economics, she said the presence of more female leaders in top positions of corporate management correlates with increased profitability.

    The Women, Family and Community Development Minister was speaking at the launch of the Women’s Institute of Management’s Conference on Integrity and Governance for Company Directors In the Public and Private Sectors.

    “This proves that women are really needed in decisionmaking positions to boost the success of companies and subsequently, the Malaysian economy,” she said.

    Rohani said that one ongoing effort to achieve this was the establishment of the 30 Percent Club, aimed at boosting the number of women holding top decisionmaking positions in the private sector.

    She said the Government sought to grow the 30 Percent Club by strengthening its affiliation with similar clubs in other countries, such as Britain, the United States and China.

    She added that the percentage of women on boards of public listed companies was at 11.8% as of September.

    The ministry is also working with TalentCorp on a programme to encourage more women to return to the workforce, to bring women’s participation to 59% in line with the target set by the 11th Malaysia Plan.

    Rohani said that while the number of women students attending institutes of higher learning was encouraging, their participation in the workforce often fluctuates.

    “About 71% of university students are women and you’d expect

    About 71% of university students are women and you’d expect a wider participation in the workforce but that is not the case. Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim

    a wider participation in the workforce but that is not the case, as they leave the workforce to start a family,” Rohani said at a press conference after the event.

    As of last year, female participation in the workforce was 54.1%.

    Earlier, in her speech, Rohani stressed the importance of integrity and good corporate governance.

    “These are key drivers that determine not only the capacity of a nation to grow economically and inclusively, but also its competitiveness in the global market,” she said.

    Rohani said it was imperative that all officials discharge their duty with high integrity and proper governance because the consequences of not doing so was huge.

    “Combating mismanagement, abuse of power and corruption is crucial as these erode our values.

    “There is an urgent need to ingrain integrity and good governance in our public and private institutions,” she said.

    On a separate matter, Rohani said she also plans to urge the Transport Ministry to make child seats in cars mandatory, following the death of a twoyearold in Johor after he was accidentally flung out of his parents’ car.

    “The Road Transport Department has mentioned the mandatory use of child seats in cars by 2019, which gives parents ample time to comply.

    “But I would like to discuss expediting the move with the Transport Ministry to avoid a repeat of this tragedy,” she said, reminding parents to always make child safety a top priority.

  • BERNAMA-The Malaysian National News Agency

  • Business News, The Star

  • Sunway University, Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia

  • Impiana KLCC Hotel

    Christine Wright @HaysSEAsia https://t.co/T9p5R5IagE

    — 30% Club Malaysia (@30percentclub_m) September 25, 2016 ">http://

  • St.Giles Gardens Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur

  • Focus Malaysia - Business weekly paper

  • New Straits Times

  • The Star Nation

  • New Straits Times

  • Maybank Tower, Kuala Lumpur

  • The Star

  • The Malaysian Reserve

  • Lanai Kijang, Kuala Lumpur


  • The Star Online Business News

  • The Star Nation

  • BFM 89.9

  • NSTP

  • Forbes

    Please click here  to read about 3 Amazing Asian Stories on Women and Leadership

  • New Straits Times and Focus Malaysia

    Please click here for media coverage on Women on Boards

  • Bloomberg TV Malaysia

    Oct 2, 2015 (Kuala Lumpur) - Anne Abraham, co-founder of the 30% Club Malaysia Chapter, discussing the national agenda to bring in more talent and diversity into key leadership positions. She also tells Bloomberg TV Malaysia’s Sophie Kamaruddin that boards need to start becoming a real career destination for women as well as part of company initiative.

  • Kuala Lumpur Convention Center

  • Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

  • The Edge Markets

  • The Printworks, Dublin Castle

    Leading for Inclusion

    3.30pm Welcome Address

    Carol Andrews, Global Head of AIS Client Services, BNY Mellon, 30% Club Ireland Country Lead


    3.45pm Opening Remarks

    An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD


    3.55pm Keynote Address – Diversity Matters

    Dame Vivian Hunt, Managing Partner, McKinsey UK and Ireland


    4.10pm Insights & Understanding

    Introduced by Anne Marie Taylor, Founder, Career Returners

    Financial services research – Andrea Dermody,Vice President, Global Inclusion and Diversity Lead EMEA,State Street

    30% Club/Ibec/DCU research – Danny McCoy, Chief Executive Officer, Ibec

    Engaging Men, Creating Impact – Peter Cosgrove, Director, Cpl


    4.40pm Panel Discussion

    Facilitator: Mary O’Hara, Partner, PwC

    Hani Kablawi, CEO of Global Asset Servicing and Chairman of EMEA, BNY Mellon

    Mark FitzGerald, Chairman, Sherry FitzGerald Group

    Fiona Dunsire, UK CEO, Mercer

    Fionnuala Meehan, Vice President of Google Marketing Solutions, EMEA & Head of Google Ireland


    5.10pm Interview

    Martin McAleese, Chancellor, DCU interviewed by Rachel Hussey, Partner, Arthur Cox


    5.40pm Closing Remarks


    5.45pm Reception

  • Irish Life Building, Dublin

  • NUIG, Galway

  • BBH, Herbert St, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin

  • The Innovation Academy, 3/4 Foster Place, Dublin 2

  • Alexander Hotel, Dublin

    The 30% club is running its first event targeted at senior male executives. One of the rationales for this is that so many diversity/ inclusion events are attended by women not men and we need to rebalance this.  

    Given the evidence on how gender diverse companies can improve people engagement, access to talent, an ability to innovate and most importantly profitability, we are inviting senior male executives to this workshop to help support them in addressing change throughout their organisations. In this workshop, participants will engage with other senior leaders to explore the topic of diversity in their own organisations.

    Event Information:

    Date & Time:  April 5th, 8am - 1pm plus an optional buffet lunch

    Venue: Alexander Hotel, Aston Suite 1+2, Dublin

    Facilitators: Peter Cosgrove & Sandra Healy

    Price: Free to attend but compulsory to register

    Audience: Aimed at C-suite or Director level participants. 

    This event is for 30% club members and is invite only, if you would like to register interest please email peter.cosgrove@cpl.ie

  • Deloitte, Dublin

  • National Gallery of Ireland

  • Davy, Dublin

  • Accenture, Dublin

  • Vodafone, Dublin

  • PwC, Dublin

  • University of Limerick

  • Facebook, Dublin

  • Matheson, Dublin

  • Conrad Hotel, Dublin

  • Science Gallery, Naughton Institute, Trinity College, Dublin

  • Citi, Dublin

  • Vodafone, Dublin

  • Davy, Dublin

  • BNY Mellon, Dublin

  • National Concert Hall, Dublin

  • PwC, Dublin

  • Mercer, Dublin

  • The Westbury Hotel, Dublin

  • Arthur Cox, Dublin

  • Science Gallery, Naughton Institute, Trinity College, Dublin

  • KPMG, 8/F Prince’s Building, 10 Charter Road, Central, Hong Kong

    We are pleased to announce our brand new Boardroom Series for Women Leaders which includes our flagship annual 30% Club Boardroom Lunch. The series is composed of educational workshops and networking events with key Board Directors, Executive Search firms and peers. It offers a more sustained and results-focused programme to help us achieve our collective goal of increasing the number of women on boards.

    Our launch of this initiative starts with the "Roundtable Breakfast: From the C-Suite to the Board" which aims to link board-ready and board-aspiring Women to Watch with Executive Search Firms and to have an open dialogue regarding challenges and diversity in HK boardrooms. There will be a panel discussion with Nick Allen (Chairman of Link REIT) focusing on what boards and chairs are looking for in potential board candidates.
    Often the challenges involved in the shift from the C-Suite to the Board involves the use of different skills, which we'll highlight in this session. We will dive into where and what to focus on when building board portfolios and how to position yourself to stand out. The groups will break into roundtables led by senior representatives from the search firms to discuss these challenges.

  • Tianshan & Lushan rooms, Level 5, Island Shangri-la hotel

    Although businesses are increasingly recognizing the benefits of diversity and inclusion, the number of women on Asian boards has barely moved the needle in recent years. Yet, companies in the West have made great leaps forward to change the status quo. Why is that? We need to ask ourselves:

    • Can Asia achieve diversity at board level? What are the opportunities and challenges
    • What lessons can we learn from outside of Asia?
    • How can we make a difference?
    • How can you, as a senior leader in Asia, stand out from the crowd to be appointed to boards both at home and abroad?

    Heidrick & Struggles and the 30% club are delighted to invite you to this compelling panel discussion featuring one of the most influential board search consultants in the industry, Bonnie Gwin (Vice Chairman and Co-Managing Partner of the Global CEO & Board Practice of Heidrick & Struggles), as well as Fern Ngai (CEO of Community Business), Fiona Nott (CEO of The Women’s Foundation) and May Tan (Former CEO of Standard Chartered and INED of Link Asset Management). The event will be moderated by Kyoko Altman, Director of HSBC Global Banking and Markets and ex-CNN anchor.

  • The Hong Kong Club

    The Australian Institute of Company Directors, the 30% Club and The Women’s Foundation are delighted to host an exclusive breakfast with Elizabeth Proust, AO FAICD, Chairman, Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    Ms. Proust will discuss: 

    • The issues of diversity, trust, culture and board composition.
    • Innovation and digital transformation, artificial intelligence and cyber, and how these areas need to be considered by directors when looking toward the future.


    About the Speaker

    Elizabeth joined the AICD board in March 2014 and was appointed Chairman in
    December 2015. She sits on a number of boards, including as Chairman of Nestlé Australia and the Bank of Melbourne. Elizabeth is a Non-Executive Director of Lendlease, a leading international property and infrastructure group, and a member of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Directors’ Advisory Panel and the Victoria Police Corporate Advisory Group. In 2010 Elizabeth was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguished service to public administration and to business, through leadership roles in government and private enterprise, as a mentor to women, and to the community through contributions to arts, charitable and educational bodies.

    Previously Elizabeth worked in senior roles at the ANZ Banking Group, in local, State and Federal Government, and in BP Australia and BP International. She has held senior positions in the Victorian Government, including as Secretary (CEO) of the Department of Premier and Cabinet and Secretary of the Attorney-General’s Department. She was also CEO of the City of Melbourne.

  • JC Hall, The Asia Society Hong Kong Center

    Recognising that many boards still largely rely on their own networks to fill board openings, the flagship 30% Club Boardroom Lunch brings accomplished and aspiring women directors face-to-face with board and C-suite members from leading local and international companies and their advisors, for simulated boardroom discussions on key issues facing boards today. This flagship event aims to break down some of the closed circle networks which are often used to fill board appointments, and provide an opportunity for women to showcase their expertise and credentials for board positions in front of senior company representatives.

    Each participating company typically hosts a table at which four of their directors, senior executives and/or advisors are present. The remaining six seats are allocated to five accomplished and aspiring women directors and one facilitator. Over lunch, in a simulation of boardroom discussions, guests engage in a structured exchange of views on some of the key issues facing boards today, including risk management, executive compensation, succession planning and social media strategy.

    We are delighted with the early line-up of corporate partners who are hosting tables this year. They include our Title Sponsors, KPMG and Standard Chartered, our Associate Sponsor, Paul Weiss, as well as CIBC, HKEX, Macquarie, Slaughter and May, Sovereign Group, Swire, Thomson Reuters, and Yu Ming Investment Management. We look forward to connecting them with this year’s dynamic Women to Watch!

  • The American Club Hong Kong

    The 30% Club Hong Kong and CIBC are delighted to host a breakfast talk featuring special guest Victor G. Dodig, President and Chief Executive Officer of CIBC and Chair of the 30% Club Canada.

    Mr Dodig will discuss:

    • His experiences as Chair and the achievements of the 30% Club Canada
    • CIBC's gender initiatives and the importance of men as diversity champions
    • His life story and why ensuring women have equal access to opportunities is such an important cause for him personally


    About the Speaker

    Victor Dodig was named President and CEO of the CIBC group of companies, one of North America's largest financial services institutions, in September 2014. Under his tenure, Mr Dodig has helped usher in a new era for the bank, positioning CIBC as a strong, innovative, and relationship-oriented financial institution with a Return on Equity among the highest of its peers globally. Mr Dodig brings more than 20 years of extensive business and banking experience, having led CIBC's Wealth Management, Asset Management and Retail Banking businesses. He also led several businesses with UBS and Merrill Lynch in Canada and internationally, and was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.

    A member of CIBC's Board of Directors, Mr Dodig also serves on the board of the C.D. Howe Institute and ROM Board of Governors. He is a vocal advocate for gender diversity in the workplace, and actively supports the advancement of talented women to executive roles and on boards as founding Chair of the 30% Club Canada and as a Catalyst Canada Advisory Board member.

    A past recipient of Canada's Top 40 Under 40™ award, Mr Dodig is a graduate of the Harvard Business School where he earned an MBA and was recognized as a Baker scholar. He holds a Diploma from the Institut d'études politiques in Paris and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto (St. Michael's College) in Commerce. Mr Dodig resides in Toronto with his wife Maureen and their four teenage children.

  • JC Hall, The Asia Society Hong Kong Center

    TWF's flagship 30% Club Annual Boardroom Lunch, brings accomplished and aspiring women directors face to face with board and C-suite members from leading local and international companies and their advisors, for simulated boardroom discussions on key issues facing boards today. This flagship event aims to break down some of the closed circle networks which are often used to fill board appointments, and provide an opportunity for women to showcase their expertise and credentials for board positions in front of senior company representatives.

    Each participating company typically hosts a table at which four of their directors, senior executives and/or advisors are present. The remaining six seats are allocated to five accomplished and aspiring women directors and one facilitator. Over lunch, in a simulation of boardroom discussions, guests engage in a structured exchange of views on some of the key issues facing boards today, including risk management, executive compensation, succession planning and social media strategy.

    We are delighted with the line-up of corporate partners who are hosting tables this year. They include Alibaba, AIA, Citi, BlackRock, Deacons, Goldman Sachs, HSF, HKEX, Hogan Lovells, HSBC, Li & Fung, Macquarie, MTR, PCCW, Sino Group, Slaughter and May, Swire, and Thomson Reuters, alongside event sponsors Standard Chartered and KPMG. We look forward to connecting them with this year’s dynamic Women to Watch!


    Title Sponsors

  • JC Hall, The Asia Society Hong Kong Center

    The 30% Club Hong Kong is delighted to present a special lunch with Henry Kravis, Co-Founder, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of KKR.

    Mr Kravis will speak about:

    • Lessons learned as KKR celebrates its 40th anniversary and 10th year in Asia
    • The global investing environment and today's challenges and opportunities
    • How diversity and inclusion need to be considered by business


    About the Speaker

    Henry Kravis is the Co-Founder, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of KKR, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary. He is actively involved in managing the Firm and serves on regional Private Equity Investement and Portfolio Management Committees. Mr Kravis has more than four decades of experience financing, analysing and investing in public and private companies, as well as serving on the boards of a number of KKR portfolio companies.

  • JC Hall, The Asia Society Hong Kong Center

    Recognising that many boards still largely rely on their own networks to fill board openings, the lunch brought our extensive and growing pool of accomplished and aspiring women directors face to face with chairmen, board members and senior management from Hong Kong's leading companies and their key advisors. In a simulation of boardroom discussions, guests engaged over lunch in a structured exchange of views on some of the key issues facing boards today including succession planning, social media strategy and risk management. 

  • PwC, Sydney

    There’s a diversity and inclusion revolution going on across the globe, and men have an important role to play in this - as leaders, husbands, partners, and fathers. We know that for many men, including senior leaders within Australia, the driver for gender equality and greater inclusion is still uncomfortable for them, and we want to make the transition easier.

    At our breakfast event you will hear from Dr Michael Kimmel, one of the world’s leading researchers and authors on gender equality, men and masculinity. 

    The breakfast is being held at PwC, One International Towers, Barangaroo, Sydney from 8am - 9.30am.

    If you are interested in attending this event please email Rhian Richardson at rrichardson@aicd.com.au 

  • Bloomberg, Sydney

    Panellists at the event will discuss non-financial targets; executive remuneration; and the interplay of proxy advisors, investors and chairs of the board and remuneration committees. Non-financial targets and the structures adopted by some ASX 200 companies were openly debated during the 2016 AGM season. The event will provide an opportunity to hear differing viewpoints around non-financial targets and how CEOs should be rewarded for their focus on culture, diversity, customer engagement and employee satisfaction. 

  • KPMG, Melbourne

    The Australian chapter of the 30% Club is celebrating its 2 year anniversary in May. Although the 30 per cent target is yet to be reached, progress has been made and we have much to celebrate.

    Panellists at the event will discuss how governments and government entities can work with the private sector to drive an increase in the representation of women on boards. Significant progress has been made in countries that have introduced quotas, but can change be achieved voluntarily or encouraged without regulation? 


General enquires


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