A discussion on leadership DNA at AI Summit 2020

Are there differences in the leadership DNA of female and male leaders?

“Women leaders have handled the Covid-19 crisis better than their male counterparts.”

“Regardless of gender, there are 4 fundamental traits of a leader – higher level of self-awareness, learning agility, skills to influence and communication skills.”

“Be gender blind even with yourself and you’ll find out more often than not they will treat you equally.”

“Its crucial to have an open mindset and be receptive.”

These were some of the views discussed at the recent AI Summit 2020, where 30% Club Malaysia was a supporting partner. The panel discussion was moderated by Raj Kumar Paramanathan, Managing Partner of CnetG Asia and a 30% Club Advocate.

5 eminent panelists, Rizalina Mantaring, Ayla Majid, Karel Avni Doshi, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, and Sunil Puri, shared their views on what leadership traits are and their relevance for a sustainable and inclusive new world.