30% Club Malaysia and PwC Malaysia host Beyond Quotas

The 30% Club Malaysia and PwC Malaysia joined forces to host a thought-provoking event in Kuala Lumpur, centered around the theme “Beyond Quotas: Sustainable Strategies for Building the Talent Pipeline.” 

The event aimed to shed light on the evolving dynamics within global boardrooms and initiate a crucial dialogue on whether numerical goals confine or liberate the potential of women in corporate leadership.

The distinguished panel, moderated by Tunku Alina Alias, an Independent Director at UOB Malaysia Berhad, brought together a wealth of insights from industry leaders. 

The panel featured Chari TVT, Independent Director at UEM Sunrise Berhad; Norlela Baharudin MIA,FCPA Aust,ICDM,TEFL, Executive Director at Berjaya Corporation Berhad; and Tan Mei Sian, Deputy Group CEO at IGB Berhad.

The heart of the discussion revolved around the intricate challenges posed by the ‘Leaky Pipeline’ problem. 

The panelists shared valuable strategies aimed at nurturing female talent and fostering the development of a new generation of board-ready leaders. The exchange of experiences and aspirations not only provided enlightenment but also empowered all those in attendance.

The event served as a platform to contemplate the role of quotas and their impact on gender diversity in leadership. Also present at the event were 30% Club Malaysia’s Chair Nurul Ain Abdul Latif and 30% Club Malaysia’s founding chair Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar.

Participants gained insights into sustainable strategies that go beyond mere numerical targets, emphasising the importance of creating an inclusive and empowering environment for women in corporate leadership.

The success of the event was further highlighted by the engagement of the audience and the collaborative spirit that permeated the discussions. It showcased a collective commitment to advancing gender equality in the corporate realm.

As we reflect on the event’s impact, we look forward to continued discussions, collaborations, and actions that will contribute to the ongoing transformation of boardrooms in Malaysia.