30% Club Malaysia and Accenture hosted Board CV Writing Workshop

In the ever-evolving realm of corporate representation, women have excelled at promoting their companies, articulating their strengths, and positioning their organisations for success. 

However, when it comes to advocating for themselves, many women encounter obstacles. Presenting their best selves to the world can feel like a daunting task.

Recognising this challenge, 30% Club Malaysia, in partnership with Accenture Malaysia recently hosted a transformative Board CV Writing Workshop facilitated by seasoned expert Raj Kumar Paramanathan, Managing Partner of CnetG Asia and Steering Committee Member of the 30% Club Malaysia.

The workshop provided a platform for the 20 women participants to enhance their skills in board placement and recruitment, while offering a valuable networking opportunity for them.

Raj’s experience and expertise in executive and board search and selection, combined with his encouragement to participants, fostered a truly enriching learning experience where key takeaways from the workshop included:

      • Utilisation of Prime Real Estate: The first 1/3 page of a CV, often known as “prime real estate,” is crucial. Effective presentation in this section is paramount, as research suggests that readers form initial impressions in just 6 seconds.

      • AOE Table: The Area of Expertise (AOE) table serves as a powerful self-assessment tool, aiding in identifying Most Significant Achievements (MSA), strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest. This structured approach helps participants gain clarity on their professional profiles.

      • STAR Format: When describing achievements or responding to interview questions, utilising the STAR (Situation-Task-Action-Results) format ensures clarity and relevance, enabling succinct articulation of experiences and their impact.

    Additionally, participants were advised to:

        • Engage in Self-Reflection: Take time to identify and articulate the three best attributes.

        • Eliminate Fillers: Remove unnecessary jargon and fillers from CVs, prioritising clarity and conciseness.

        • Develop an Action Plan: Commit to completing CVs by taking concrete steps toward refining and finalising professional profiles.

      The 30% Club Malaysia’s signature Board CV Writing Workshop equips participants with tools, tips, and confidence to navigate the competitive landscape of board placements. By empowering women to represent themselves effectively, initiatives like these contribute to achieving greater gender diversity in boardrooms.

      Our thanks goes out to Accenture Malaysia for generously hosting this event, underscoring their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the workplace!