Empowering Women in Leadership: 30% Club Malaysia meets LAKSANA

Recently, 30% Club Malaysia sat down with a team of LAKSANA – Agensi Pelaksanaan Ekonomi & Koordinasi Strategik Nasional to discuss collaboration and support our continued agenda for Path to Parity.


Dato’ Ami Moris, our Chair along with steer-co members, Rejina Rahim of the Influence pillar and Norlela Baharudin of the Enable (Board Mentoring Scheme) pillar met with Sharifah Khairiyah and Shahrol of LAKSANA, an agency set up by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to track and monitor the implementation of key government initiatives.


The agency believes that key initiatives such as those advocated by the 30% Club Malaysia to promote more diversity in boardrooms and C-suites receive support and collaboration with the regulators and policymakers.


During the discussion, representatives of 30% Club Malaysia proposed how the agenda of a 𝙋𝒂𝙩𝒉 𝒕𝙤 𝙋𝒂𝙧𝒊𝙩𝒚 can be furthered at various ministries e.g. MOF and the Ministry of Women Community and Family Development.


During the discussion, a key suggestion was made for the relevant authorities to take the lead in talent pipeline initiatives for both the public and private sectors.


The discussion also focused on influencing the investment ecosystem within Government-Linked Companies (GIC) and Government-Linked Investment Company (GLIC) in terms of promoting various measures to support more women-linked investment initiatives, women entrepreneurs, and more women participation at the policy-making level in the government and local authorities.


The 30% Club Malaysia is eager to work with the relevant ministries and agencies, as the potential benefits for the country are evident – a 36% boost in GDP, equivalent to USD20 billion, can be realised by aligning women’s workforce participation with that of men.


A study conducted by McKinsey & Company in collaboration with Lean In presents compelling evidence of a direct link between increased representation of women in leadership roles and higher return on equity.


The 30% Club Malaysia is hopeful and positive that it can forge a stronger collaboration with the Government as it strives to make further progress along the Path to Parity in the current year.