Securities Commission Malaysia hosts OECD-Asia Roundtable on Corporate Governance

“What is acceptable today may not be acceptable tomorrow” was how Arabesque AI’s CEO Carolina Minio Paluello, PhD closed her remarks at the 30% Club Malaysia “DEI x Climate Ambition” panel, OECD-Asia Roundtable on Corporate Governance at the Securities Commission Malaysia

Today, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is still seen to be a nice to have.

This is evolving as a more conscious generation enters the workforce. The momentum of change will only grow, fuelled by social media and reporting requirements, in turn leading to more informed consumers and investors. Embracing DEI is logical, makes good business sense and underpins good corporate governance.

A broader talent pool is a precursor for innovation to flourish especially in an era where we’re grappling with climate crisis, our panelist Petronas Chief Sustainability Officer Charlotte Wolff-Bye said. Focusing on the right skills, at the right place, and the deployment of technology helps in making the process agnostic.

Our male ally and panelist Suresh Kumar Dass said it was also imperative for the rest of the supply chain to follow through with DEI ambitions, supported by the government by for example, setting a timeframe for compliance on diversity.

Carolina Minio Paluello, PhD shared data to show a correlation between the climate agenda and women on board. 

The hope is for regulators to push for investors to look at the data for impactful portfolio construction.

Data is king.

Thank you to our panelists Carolina Minio Paluello, PhDCharlotte Wolff-ByeSuresh Kumar Dass and moderator Ami Moris for this wonderful session, and thank you to the Securities Commission Malaysia for the kind invitation to engage with capital market regulators from 18 countries.