Welcome to the 30% Club

A business-led campaign to boost female representation at board and C-Suite level in the world’s biggest companies

Global mission

At least 30% representation of all women on all boards and C-suites globally.

How will we achieve it? These are our three strategic pillars…


Activate Chairs & CEOs as members


Influence those with power
to drive change


Enable future women leaders

What is the 30% Club?

The 30% Club is a global campaign led by Chairs and CEOs taking action to increase gender diversity at board and executive committee levels.

Time and again research shows diverse companies outperform their less diverse peers.

Under the leadership of Global Chair Hanneke Smits, the campaign continues to expand its international footprint across the G20.

Watch Hanneke explain the Club here.


The 30% Club operates across more than 20 countries – from Australia to Mexico. We started out in the UK in 2010 and that’s where our HQ remains. 

Our mission is to reach at least 30% representation of women on boards and C-Suites globally.

Our work

By signing up as members, Chairs and CEOs set a beyond 30% target for women at board and ExCo level.

We work to bring about real transformation through our Executive Search, Race Equity and Investor Groups – as well as our Cross-Company Mentoring scheme, which is the world’s biggest! 

The role of the 30% Club is as vital now as it was at launch in 2010. Even today, the baseline target of reaching 30% women – either at board or senior management level – remains a stretch for many organisations throughout the world.

Hanneke Smits, 30% Club Global Chair and Global Head, BNY Mellon Investment Management

News & Events

Our chapters are working on exciting initiatives across the globe. Stay updated on the latest news, events and research.


Across our 19 chapters, our country teams are hosting and participating in events promoting gender diversity at Board and c-suite level.

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The world of gender inclusion is  changing fast. From the latest stats to government initiatives around the world, we’ll help you stay up to date. 

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The 30% Club is  proud to partner with many organisations to conduct research and highlight the importance of gender diversity and inclusion in leadership.

You’ll find what we, our partners and our network have been working on here.