• The 30% Club launched in the UK in 2010 with a goal of 30% women on FTSE-100 boards by end 2015 - currently 22.8% up from 12.6%. Accelerated progress has been achieved through the leadership of Chairs and CEOs, our members.

    30% Clubs launched in 2013 in Hong Kong and in 2014 in the US, Ireland and Southern Africa, with further Clubs planned in Canada & Australia. The 30% Club approach - collaborative, concerted business-led efforts - can help accelerate progress towards better gender balance at all levels of organisations.

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What our members say...

“We have recently increased the number of female directors sitting on our board and have done so not to meet diversity targets, but for the invaluable skills and experience that each brings to the table. We now have four women among our 13 non-executive directors, accounting for a 31% share, and we fully expect to increase this representation further in the coming years.”

Douglas Flint
Group Chairman, HSBC Holding

“First, if we don’t have more senior women we aren’t getting a sufficient contribution from some of our most able people.  Second, you’re less likely to get the breadth of input to critical discussions and decisions if you only access one gender.”

Sir Philip Hampton
Chairman, The Royal Bank of Scotland

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