30% Club Japan Reiterating the Importance of Diversity & Inclusion

News Release

Feb.15, 2021 30% Club Japan

Reiterating the Importance of Diversity & Inclusion

30% Club Japan, Chaired by Masahiko Uotani (President & CEO of Shiseido), aims to increase the proportion of women in important decision-making bodies, including the Board of Directors and senior management of companies. We are working with energy and purpose towards increasing the representation of women in such bodies to 30% or more by 2030. 30% Club Japan believes strongly in the importance of "diversity and harmony" in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, scheduled to be held in 2021.

We believe that diversity and inclusion, where the exchange and sharing of ideas by people from different backgrounds and perspectives is encouraged, is more likely to generate creative ideas and innovation. A lack of diversity and failure to embrace new and different perspectives can lead organizations to make poor decisions due to ‘group think’* and the existence of biases and ‘blind spots’ in decision-making processes. Strong governance of organizations and institutions is needed to promote open and inclusive discussions, and to maintain transparency.

As the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to prolong, traditional thinking will not lead to the answers needed to overcome the current crisis. We must bring together multiple ideas and embrace a wide range of perspectives in navigating the path to recovery and growth. Furthermore, in the face of significant challenges due to the pandemic in realizing the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and in growing businesses, the power of diversity and inclusion, particularly the perspective of women, is more important than ever.

30% Club Japan aims to realize a society in which everyone can be themselves and fulfill their abilities, and where equal opportunities exist for all. We believe that healthy gender balance in decision-making authorities promotes the empowerment and inclusion of individuals from diverse backgrounds, builds sustainable organizations and a sustainable society. 30% Club Japan is deeply committed to promoting diversity as it works to dispel the misconceptions that persist in society today, and we will keep driving forward such endeavors in the future.

*Poor or biased decision-making patterns caused by overestimation of the ability of one's group, underestimation of external risk, silent pressure on members, lack of diversity of thinking, etc.