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The 30% Club continues to drive cross sector efforts to improve the female pipeline

In a unique collaboration between 22 law, accountancy and consultancy firms, the 30% Club today launched the next stage of its initiative to improve gender diversity and enhance the path to promotion within professional services firms. This initiative was kicked off in 2012 with a piece of research into gender balance, supported by McKinsey & Company, which identified that men were ten times more likely than women to progress to partner in law firms and three times more likely than women in consultancy and accountancy firms. Since 2013 the participating member firms, which increased from 17 to 22 organisations in number, have continued to work together to translate the findings and recommendations from the study into practical actions.

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The 30% Club hosts Washington DC event to highlight global effort

Bank of England Governor encourages shift in business culture October 10th, 2014 – The 30% Club today held an event in Washington DC with a focus on accelerating progress towards global gender diversity at all organisational levels. The event, hosted by KPMG and held alongside the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund, welcomed Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England as guest speaker and attendees drawn mainly from major global financial institutions, business leaders and public policy makers. Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney said: “At the Bank of England, we have set clear targets and made good progress in promoting gender diversity. But success in this endeavour is about more than just targets.  It is about recruiting, developing, promoting and retaining talent in a way that encourages and supports open debate, creative challenge, and continuous improvement.  This makes organisations more effective.”

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The 30% Club Executive MBA 2014 Scholarships – Henley, Oxford SAÏD and London Business Schools

As part of the 30% Club’s broadening focus on all levels of the pipeline, we are delighted to have partnered with 3 leading UK business schools, Henley, Oxford SAÏD and London Business Schools to offer 3 fully-funded 30% Club scholarships on an Executive MBA course, including Oxford SAÏD’s world-class rated Executive MBA.

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New Credit Suisse research on the benefits of diversity for companies and shareholders

On September 23, The Credit Suisse Research Institute launched “The CS Gender 3000 – Women in Senior Management” report which revisits a topic first written about two years ago (“Gender Diversity and Corporate Performance”) on diversity and the structure of corporate boards.

Is gender diversity to the benefit of all stakeholders? In this report, Credit Suisse extend their analysis of board structure and corporate performance to consider senior management representation, introducing the Credit Suisse Gender 3000.

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2014 MBA scholarship launched to develop women leaders

The 30% Club, The Financial Times and Henley Business School are delighted to announce they will be working in collaboration again, in 2014, to run an EMBA scholarship competition specifically designed to offer practical support for the development of strong female talent as will be featured in Thursday’s issue of The Financial Times.

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The 30% Club tackles female executive progress with successful mentoring pilot

A 30% Club cross-company mentoring scheme that launched as a pilot in 2013 has been successfully completed, leading to the first official cohort for the mentoring programme being welcomed in autumn of this year.

Part of a series of 30% Club initiatives aimed at ‘Balancing the Pyramid’, helping develop a broader pipeline of women throughout organisations, the scheme was intended to enable talented women to benefit from cross-company mentoring – an opportunity that until now has been reserved for senior executives. This approach brings the potential to make a step change to the number of women attaining senior leadership roles in their respective companies.

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Why ‘Women hold up half the Sky’ but occupy fewer than a quarter of MBA seats

Sa?d Business School, University of Oxford

20% of the current Oxford Executive MBA class are female – a figure pretty much in line with many leading business schools but one which falls short of the parity to which most schools aspire. The reasons for women’s lower MBA participation rates are much discussed, as are mechanisms to address it, but the gap remains unbridged, and the need for diversity in the upper ranks of organisations is more pressing than ever.

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The 30% Club Partners with London Business School to encourage Female Executive Development

The 30% Club has teamed up with London Business School (LBS) to launch a full scholarship aimed at women in leadership positions with C-Suite potential. This scholarship is part of a growing 30% Club initiative to increase the progression of women to senior executive positions by encouraging more females to undertake academic professional development. Current research indicates a much higher proportion of men participate in business school-led programmes; the 30% Club aims to address this imbalance.

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