Mentee Circle holds its first virtual panel discussion, Owning Your Board Journey

The Mentee Circle from the 30% Club Malaysia Board Mentoring Scheme recently held a virtual panel discussion entitled Owning Your Board Journey.

Fifty participants were glued to the screen to listen to the panelists speak on their experiences and challenges on being board members.

Some of the memorable quotes from the session were –

“Never underestimate the power of connection/network. Being a board member can be challenging. Always keep learning and equip yourself with knowledge in corporate governance. Do network with industry experts to build a robust eco-system,” -Ilham Sunhaji (MBA).

“You are allowed to make mistakes. Learn from them. Move On,” – MAHESWARI G KANNIAH, PJK.

“One must be confident that the Board is the right one for you. Do some research on the company and assess the types of risks that one is willing to take,” another pointer -MAHESWARI G KANNIAH, PJK.

“To get on board, it is important to get your CV right. State what are you bringing to the board, especially strategy and oversight experience”- Frances P.

The sharing session was moderated by Sujatha Sekhar Naik.

This is the first event that was initiated by the Mentee Circle, a networking group that helps foster better collaboration among mentees.