Mentoring Scheme


The 30% Club cross-company mentoring programme, originally developed with the support of EY, is a proven, practical and powerful way to achieve a greater gender balance at all levels within organisations, in addition to advancing broader diversity and inclusion goals.

It aims to complement other programmes in the marketplace, or within individual organisations, where cross-company mentoring is often only available to very senior women.

This is part of a series of 30% Club initiatives aimed at helping to develop a broader pipeline of women and ‘balance the pyramid’ at all levels. The feedback from both mentees and mentors reinforces our hope that the programme can be beneficial for, ultimately, thousands of women and their companies. Mentees report on the liberating nature of a mentoring relationship outside their own company, feeling able to discuss issues without restrictions and appreciating the access to impartial advice. Mentors report that the experience has taught them more about the issues being faced by high-potential women – and has provided eye-opening insights into the issues likely being faced by women in their own organisation.

Here in the UK the programme is delivered by Moving Ahead, a social impact organisation working to create an inclusive society in which individuals and organisations can be at their best. The programme has had tremendous success and since 2014 has supported 9324 mentors and mentees from 193 organisations and more than 30 sectors

The 30% Club cross-company mentoring programme represents the power of mentoring at its best. Please see this short video on our UK programme:


30% Club mentoring programme offer mentoring opportunities to high potential women. 

We currently run programmes in the GCC, Ireland, UK and US.

Each participating organisation defines the pivot point at which it sees a divergence between career paths of men and women and invites key women in this ‘danger zone’ into the mentoring programme. Mentors are seasoned professionals (both men and women) with substantial business experience who hold leadership roles within their organisation. Our recommendation is that mentors and mentees volunteer to take part in the programme and are then selected by their organisation based on internal criteria. It is critical that all mentors and mentees are committed to the programme and are prepared to make the time to meet or speak with their selected mentor/mentee.

Whilst this programme is specifically designed to advance gender diversity, the 30% Club seeks to increase the representation of all women at senior levels and throughout organisations. This means that we recognise, value and support every aspect of a woman’s identity both visible and invisible, e.g. age, ethnicity, ability, personality type and sexuality.  As you consider candidates for the programme please consider a diverse range of mentors and mentees.

To find out specific timings for the chapter you wish to join, please contact the country Scheme Manager.

Mentoring pairs are encouraged to meet every four to six weeks. Depending on where they are in the world, meetings might be in-person or online. The onus is on mentees to schedule the partnership meetings.

Global programme: virtual pairs
All partnerships on the 30% Club cross-company mentoring programme can be virtual.  Moving Ahead will capture matching preferences and manage these through our matching algorithm.  

How to join

To register interest for the 2020-2021 cohort or make further enquiries, please contact the country Scheme Manager. Please also navigate to the relevant country chapter pages for further participation details.


For individuals who are interested in becoming mentors, and who meet the above criteria, please contact the relevant country’s Scheme Manager listed above. We are particularly looking for mentors who would be keen to mentor our 30% Club Business Schools scholarship winners.