Women in Business: How an MBA can help further your career

​Adam Maidment, Manchester Metropolitan University

Anyone looking for that particular edge over their competitors should consider what a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) qualification can do for their careers.

The Women in the Workforce 2016 study by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn found that women are less likely to have valuable connections which can help accelerate their careers. This means that globally-recognised qualifications, such as an MBA, could be the necessary gateway to gaining those connections and getting ahead in the business world.

Designed for those already established in a business environment who want to progress further up the career ladder; studying an MBA, for many, is the best decision they make. With an MBA qualification, you will not only extend your business potential but you will also gain the vital skills needed to succeed.

For anyone considering an MBA, here is why studying one can help you to develop a solid business career and move closer to smashing the glass ceiling that can sometimes seems unbreakable to many women in business.

Increased chances of progression
The Association of MBAs (AMBA) found that the number of students in senior management roles went from 12.8% before joining the MBA program to over a third in the months following graduation.

Having an MBA will show that you take your career seriously. A report published by Xactly found that 85% of CEOs admitted that the gender pay gap existed as a result of prejudice.

By showing your dedication to improving your business knowledge, it’ll be hard for any employer to be judge you on anything other than talent and knowledge you possess.

New skills and understanding
An MBA provides students with the deeper knowledge and skills required to thrive in business. Those who are serious about their career will find the insights on strategy, leadership and management to be useful as they progress throughout their careers.

There is also an option to choose a specialist MBA course, which will be directly focused on a particular industry. Those with a clear idea of their career’s direction, will develop the necessary talents to succeed within their sector.

MBA students will have the opportunity to learn about higher-tier business concepts and the ideas behind processes. Something that’ll be invaluable when climbing to the pinnacle of their profession.

Globally recognised
An MBA qualification is recognised throughout the world. Over 49 countries now have business schools which offer opportunities for students to study an MBA.

Wherever in the world you choose to take your career, an MBA will put you in a good position.

Making new business relationships
Your MBA will allow you to build solid relationships with like-minded individuals. You'll study with other people in a similar position and will have access to inspiring tutors and guest speakers.

The relationships you build during your MBA will be crucial to your success, helping you throughout the rest of your career. Swapping stories and experiences with each other will let you understand how the world of business works.

Beneficial for changing your career
A recent Graduate Management Admission Council survey found that 38% of respondents considering an MBA, classed themselves as career switchers. The business development skills taught within an MBA can be applied to many sectors. This means that whichever industry you choose to go into (now or down the line), having an MBA will be beneficial.

A survey by Head & Shoulders found that 24% of women claimed at their self-belief held them back in applying for senior roles or changing careers. With an MBA, the skills and confidence will put you in good stead for applying for such roles.

Enhance your communication skills
Alongside the knowledge of how business works, you will also improve on your communication skills. MBA students will learn how to speak clearly and how to get their point across concisely.

In top level positions, you’ll be expected to deliver presentations and explain business processes. An MBA will help educate you and provide you with the confidence to communicate concisely in the business world.

The MBA for you
If you’re serious about business and making it to the top of your career, an MBA is one of the best paths to take. With flexible working options and specialised choices, you’ll be able to craft the right course for you and your needs.

The Huffington Post reports that women are now entering entrepreneurship at a rate of 2:1, compared to their male equivalents in the U.S. By gaining an MBA, you will reverse the present societal limitations placed upon women and show your worth in the world of business.

Adam Maidment is a writer for Manchester Metropolitan University, an institution that offers an MBA course with three specialisms; Financial Services, Digital Management, and Strategic Health and Social Care. If you want to learn further about how an MBA will help you, download their free guide to studying for an MBA.