The Davies Report on Women on Boards – Fourth Annual Review

Today sees the fourth annual review from Lord Davies of Abersoch, The Davies Report on Women on Boards, with marked progress made since the report was first published in 2011. The report shows British businesses are making great voluntary strides towards a better gender balance in the boardrooms of the UK’s top companies.

The progress seen over the past four years – both in the numbers and the mindset around this issue – has been nothing short of amazing. No other country besides Sweden has achieved such results from voluntary, business-led change – the better, more sustainable and ‘real’ approach. Organisations now realise that having a better mix of men and women at all levels is key to developing a modern culture. That realisation is key.

There is obviously much more work to be done to develop the right ecosystem in companies and society to nurture more diverse talent – including but not limited to women – but with strong efforts now going right back to the schoolroom, the 30% Club is optimistic that what we have seen so far is just one of many leaps forward.

The key stats from the report are: started in 2011. 100 boards and 365 women board members in the FTSE 250.
The full report can be found here:

  • Women’s representation on FTSE 100 boards now stands at 23.5%, almost double the 12.5% figure when the Davies Report, and the 30% Club,
  • The representation of women on the FTSE 250 has more than doubled to 18%, up from 7.8% in 2011.
  • There are now no all-male boards in the FTSE 100, which is a first and milestone event in the history of the London Stock Exchange.
  • There remain 23 all-male boards in the FTSE 250, down from 131 all-male boards in 2011 and 48 this time last year.
  • More women than ever before now serve on British boards, with a total of 628 women board members across the FTSE 350, 263 women on FTSE
  • There have been 478 newly appointed women to FTSE 350 boards in four years, 192 in the FTSE 100 and a further 286 in the FTSE 250.