The 30% Club Mentoring Pilot

We are delighted to announce the launch of The 30% Club cross-company mentoring pilot! The objective of The 30% Club mentoring pilot is to offer and facilitate a cross-company, cross-sector mentoring programme that will complement existing schemes in the UK market and within individual organisations. The pilot is intended to address the issue of scalability in mentoring and be the first step in creating a ‘village’ of networking opportunities leveraging technology with the ultimate objective of reaching hundreds rather than tens of women as is the case with many current mentoring programmes, to really broaden the pipeline of female talent coming through participating organisations and make a step change to the number of women attaining senior leadership roles in their respective organisations.

There are eight organisations: BNY Mellon, Centrica, EY, Freshfields, GE, Marks and Spencer, Nomura and Pearson participating in the pilot, with each organisation providing a maximum of five mentors and five mentees. 75 mentors, mentees and VIPs from these organisations attended the “Meet the mentor and mentee” event hosted at EY’s offices on 16th September.

The 30% Club mentoring pilot will be a UK based pilot and will run from September 2013-April 2014 with the option by mutual agreement of the mentor and mentee to extend for a further 6 months on an informal basis with mentors and mentees meeting a minimum of once a month for 1-2 hours. Mentors participating in the pilot are seasoned professionals with substantial business experience holding senior leadership roles within their organisation. They will offer mentoring partnerships to high potential women who have not yet attained seniority within their organisations and where evidence suggests there is high risk of failing to achieve the same rate of promotion as similarly-qualified men. Each organisation participating in the pilot has defined the pivot point for their organisations where it is difficult to retain experienced women and invited key women in this group to participate in the pilot accordingly.

Throughout the pilot and as part of the post pilot review we will be asking mentors and mentees to feedback their experiences and thoughts on a formal basis through surveys as well as on an informal basis through their organisational key contacts to ensure the mentoring programme is developed and positioned appropriately going forward. We hope to develop the pilot into a much larger cross-company mentoring scheme, and are hugely excited by its potential. Watch this space!