The 30% Club in Southern Africa

The 30% Club in Southern Africa recently hosted their first annual seminar.

30% Club Southern Africa Members Dinner. Minister of Women in the Presidency, Susan Shabangu gave a speech where she focused on the education and training of women, women in power and decision making, and women and the economy, referencing an Ethiopian proverb that says “Where a woman rules, streams run uphill”.

The African Union, which aims for 50% female representation in all its leadership structures, has declared 2015 as “the year of women’s empowerment and development towards Africa Agenda 2063”.

The full version of the Minister’s speech can be found here: Minister Susan Shabangu Speech


The Minister also referenced the work of the 30% Club in a speech delivered to Parliament for the International Women’s Day debate, the full version of which can be found here: Minister Shabangu IWD speech