Ethnic minority targets – a follow up

We have received a number of queries about the initial blog in which we suggested that having another target may not be the best way to achieve further diversity from here.

As well as the exciting progress towards more women on boards that our original target (and Lord Davies’) has encouraged over the past four years, it is clear that there is now a very different view of what makes for an effective board. At the 30% Club and Davies Committee’s recent co-hosted seminar ‘The Evolution of Boards’, there was agreement that the journey towards more women on boards was the start, not the end, of a bigger revolution which has opened up the way for a more natural development from here. We are now working with groups like OUTstanding to consider how programmes within the 30% Club could be extended to encompass rather than rigidly segregate different groups.

The last thing anyone who wants better boards wants is a ‘manufactured’ board, which is the danger of multiple targets (LGBT, specific age cohorts, disabled, state school-educated members etc). Instead lets think about more nuanced, sophisticated and ultimately more sustainable ways to achieve progress for all under-represented areas in both the boardroom and at executive levels.