Dame Helen Alexander

Brenda Trenowden, Global Chair, 30% Club

On behalf of the 30% Club, I want to remember Dame Helen Alexander who very sadly passed away at the weekend.

Dame Helen most recently focused her considerable talent on the eponymous Hampton-Alexander Review, which along with the 30% Club and others, is focused on getting more women into the senior ranks of business.  This is just one part of a long and distinguished career in which Dame Helen became a role model, not just for women in business, but everyone in the business world.  As a Chair and member of several Boards, she lived by the values she asked others to follow so we can create a fairer and more representative business environment.

A strong supporter of the 30% Club from the start, Dame Helen remained involved and incredibly supportive of our work, ensuring that the Hampton-Alexander Review and the 30% Club worked hand in hand to achieve our shared goals.  Always approachable, Dame Helen was someone, I and others, could count on for advice and input. As many have commented in the tributes since her death, Dame Helen approached everything in a thoughtful and wise way. There was no need for show or fireworks to achieve the results she did.

Dame Helen leaves a lasting legacy in the business world and with the many people who knew and admired her.  My thoughts, and those of the 30% Club, are with her family at this very difficult time.