30% Club Teams Up With Human Race

Nick Rusling, CEO of Human Race Events

To those of you who were unable to attend the 30% club morning on Tuesday 24th February, and therefore missed my brief talk – I wanted to get in touch to let you know about why my sports events company, Human Race Events, have teamed up with the 30% Club and Women Ahead. Essentially, we want to get multiple groups of female colleagues to take part together in our Women’s Challenge Day event on 12th July as possible. Growing
confidence through activity is a wonderfully powerful and inspirig feeling – particularly when experienced in numbers. We will support you all the way, as well as ask you the questions to help build evidence on the Finish Line Theory. We would be delighted to have you, your colleagues and your company involved in the Women’s Challenge Day.

My life for the past 13 years has been dedicated to getting people to cross a finish line. Over 600,000 people have done so in events that I’ve been involved with. That’s a lot of smiles, hugs, sweat, pride, medals and a little bit of vomit too! This is the moment that I’ve seen some overwhelming emotions flow out of people. The moment that crystallises the hard work and effort that’s been put in to get there. It’s also why I love my job and find it so rewarding. It’s hugely
revealing about human nature with regards the importance of setting goals and then achieving them.

I believe life is a series of finish lines. The Finish Line Theory is being developed to support this – and we hope you will be part of this study.

What can this all achieve?

  • Great for camaraderie between members of the 30% Club

  • A high profile example of setting targets and crossing a tangible finish line

  • Help provide an example to other colleagues – an example that can transmit back to the work place

What will the day involve?

  • Triathlon, duathlon, run, swim

  • Seminars hosted by Women Ahead – with inspiring speakers

  • Family environment – ideal for supporters

  • All at an Olympic venue

  We’re excited to welcome as many of you as possible along on the day. Don’t forget that as well as the triathlon, we have a run, a swim and a duathlon available for everyone too.

What do you do next?

Email: olly.baskerville@humanrace.co.uk – commit to enter. Just like Newton Investment Management have done. Find colleagues to help you spread the word internally. A company Champion. Get in touch and let us know how many places you want to take.

We at Human Race Events, greatly look forward to working successfully together.

Many thanks again for your time, Nick