Herbert Smith Freehills joins Lloyds and Barclays in setting voluntary targets for women at the top

Hot on the heels of Lloyds Bank’s stated goal to reach 40% female representation at all levels of management by 2020, and similar mood music from Barclays, City law firm Herbert Smith Freehills has set a 30% target for the proportion of women in their global partnership, in an effort to increase momentum around inspiring young female lawyers to stay in the firm and strive for partnership.

  Their 30% target will be...

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Flood of Flotations is a Vital Chance to Get Women on Board

It has been a busy start to the year for the European IPO market. If the $3.2 billion of business already priced and the $8.5 billion being marketed find investors, soon a lot of new directors will be taking their seats around the boardroom tables of newly listed companies. But how many of those seats will be filled by women?

Preparation for an IPO is one of the greatest opportunities to increase the...

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Lloyds Bank targets 40% women at all its senior management levels by 2020

The announcement by Lloyds Bank of a goal to reach 40% female representation at all levels of management by 2020 is a welcome new voluntary step by a FTSE-100 company towards better gender balance at all levels.

Last December, Sir Win Bischoff, founding chairman supporter of the 30% Club and chairman of Lloyds Bank, announced an extension of the our own objective of 30% women on FTSE-100 boards by end 2015 to encompass 30% female representation on...

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A New Milestone

We are delighted and encouraged by the latest figures released by the Professional Boards Forum, which show that the percentage of women on FTSE 100 boards has crossed the psychological 20% milestone, demonstrating that momentum continues into 2014. Since March 2013, 27% of new FTSE 100 board appointments have gone to women. The ‘gap’ to reach Lord Davies’s target of 25% seats to be held by women by 2015 is now a mere 51 female appointments, with our...

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The latest curve-ball from Europe, Germany’s likely introduction of quotas, sees us back frustratingly arguing already well-trodden ground. Earlier this week, the two parties most likely to form the next German government reached a compromise over the so-called ‘Frauenquote’ rule.

The debate is not new in Germany.  Angela Merkel’s CDU party successfully negated several previous attempts to introduce boardroom quotas. In April this year,...

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The Global Gender Gap

The ‘Global Gender Gap’ report, published annually by the World Economic Forum, attempts to quantify the magnitude of gender based disparities across the world, and track their progress over time. The series’ recently published 8th report highlights both positive and negative conclusions. At a very high level, the gap between men and women has narrowed slightly in the past year, but no country in the world has yet achieved gender...

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The latest stats released by BoardWatch show that FTSE 100 companies now have 19% women directors (up from 12.5% prior to Lord Davies’ review). 31 companies in the FTSE 100 now have 25% or more women on their boards, and 13 have already hit 30%! In the FTSE 250, 41 companies have 25% or more women directors, with 19 companies having 30% or more – proportionally less than the FTSE 100 but still a positive trend. Importantly, 25% of FTSE 100 and 36% of FTSE 250 board appointments since March 1...

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The 30% Club Mentoring Pilot

We are delighted to announce the launch of The 30% Club cross-company mentoring pilot! The objective of The 30% Club mentoring pilot is to offer and facilitate a cross-company, cross-sector mentoring programme that will complement existing schemes in the UK market and within individual organisations. The pilot is intended to address the issue of scalability in mentoring and be the first step in creating a ‘village’ of networking opportunities leveraging technology with the...

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